#Share the Load – Ek akela thak jayega…milke boj uthana!!

It’s International Woman’s Day so before I start, wishing every woman happiness. I think it is apt for me to write about this today considering the prejudice we have towards woman.

We continue to believe what we have seen since our childhood. We have seen our mothers, aunts or grandmothers working in the kitchen and doing household stuff. They slogged in the kitchen cooking for the entire family and they worked with a smile throughout the day! Cut to 2016. Today female handles professional and personal responsibilities. They work 9 to 6 away from home and 6 to 9 at home. They are equally tired and exhausted and need a well-deserved rest. Still, everyone expects her to manage the household chores also. Am I Right? Why? Can’t the family #ShareTheLoad?

  • She travels to work through train, bus, rickshaw, car etc. —-If travel and traffic tires everyone does it not tire her?
  • She works like anyone for 8 – 9 hours in similar circumstances like anyone, there is no leeway given to her for being a female — If all the work stress affects you and mentally tires you along with the physical stress, does it not tire her?
  • She comes back home to all the household work — Is it her house only? Is she a machine?

She is your mother, you sister or your wife. She is part of your family and is always there to support you and we expect her to take all the household responsibility. Friends, nothing runs on a single wheel, it’s a minimum of two wheels even for a bicycle.

Being a house maker is equally challenging! Managing the house every single day and ensuring that her family remains happy is by far the highest expectation which she has of her.

Electronic gadgets make life easy but they still need to be operated. A roti maker, a microwave oven, a sandwich maker, a water purifier etc. are not self-operating. They need a person to operate. And more often than not, it’s the female of the house who handles the heavy workload. Hello, it’s your breakfast too, you also drink water, and you are also a part of the family! Your responsibility does not begin and end with the latest gadgets or enjoying the “Live” cricket matches. You need to share the load as well!

A request to all the mothers – I agree our child is dear to us. I know a son is special. Over pampering will help your child for some time, but it could also spoil him for lifetime. We generally frown when our son offers to help us in the kitchen. We don’t allow him! Why? Remember, we are shaping our children to be independent and be better individuals. We need to make them a part of household activities; they are part of the house as well. It’s about time we share the load!

Begin today – Better late than never, right?

“I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.” Are You?

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