Celebrate Being Yourself 🌹👧

Today is International Woman’s Day, so wishing everyone a Happy Woman’s Day.

Its not about celebrating a particular day by a particular gender. Its about celebrating life by all. Men are surrounded by their mother, sister, wife, colleagues and friends and vice versa for a woman as well she is also surrounded by a father, brother, husband, colleagues and friends. Considering the patriarchal society we belong to we always subdue a female and give preference to a male. Its about recognizing yourself and celebrate your life the way you want to for a female. For a male to accept & acknowledge the female force around you. Remember you are born from one!

I think we have said a lot of stuff now we need to start implementing. Implementing to remove the bias – be it the preference of a male child in a family and the differential treatment to a girl child or behaving professionally with the female workforce when it comes to matter of marriage and family.

We are two faced human beings when it comes to implementing we would say to the world this is wrong and we should stop it but inside we all behave the same. We forget to acknowledge our mothers who even though being homemakers are better multitaskers than us. We see cases of misbehavior with females, rapes and snubbing the females but we don’t take the step in educating and training our boys but spoil them.

Women are working equally in every sphere of life. They are no less. You may wonder we are progressing so why this post but as I said we all are two faced sometimes the most educated behave weirdly and understanding comes from unknown spaces.

So here is loud shout to every possible man that respect a woman, she is equivalent may be better than you.
Hey Woman you are special just celebrate being yourself. You are unique, beautiful, talented and God’s special creation. Even God is incomplete without the female power. 🌹


  1. Nice write-up!
    My compliments and greetings on the Women’day!
    I feel we men (Indians in particular) have a long way to go before reaching gender equality.
    As a child I saw my father hit my mother regularly. Sometimes he would get amorous after beating her! I was only 4 or 5 yr old but old enough go know what was going on and feel helpless anguish for her.
    All the same, she would be taking care of us (5 of us) next day as if nothing has happened! I still don’t know where she found the mental strength. My salutes to the ladies who possess that great inner strength!
    That memory made me to treat all women of my life with respect. Yet at times I do slip into unilateral actions. Mind you, I am not using the word ‘animal’ – I found no animal approaching the opposite sex unless consent is indicated.
    We do have a long way to go..

    1. Thanks. Wish you to a great day and happiness. I salute your Mom and all the ladies around. Each one is unique.You are special to. Thanks.

  2. Looking back, I am happy that I did something special for my mother.
    When my father died in Dec ’97, I spoke to the two younger brothers – none of the daughters in law would be comfortable in taking care of mom so let us keep her living independently.
    I got her a landline phone, colour tv, calling bell (for help) and a maid who looked after all her needs till death in Jan 2015. My Army Health Scheme card covered all her medical expenses, youngest brother working in Kuwait sent her living expenses. She lived a free life and happily too. Once she told me ” I lived a happy and free life for 17 years due to you, my son”
    How nice it was for her, to do what she wanted, see the TV channel of choice, read a lot of books and news papers WITHOUT THE NEED FOR ANYONE’S PERMISSION!
    She was happy for 17 years, I am happy to have paid back a little of my debt to her.—— comment from an anonymous reader. Thanks

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