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Beauty & Grooming are synonymous with any female. Now it’s a consumer segment for the men as well. Majority of the users although remain females. As a female we need some basics to take care of our beauty needs. Skin essentials form the core followed by make-up and other stuff.

When I talk about skin care I talk about our daily regime of facial and skin care. For facial care you must be following the universal rule of CTM i.e. Cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing. Similarly, for your skin you would have various products. The core question for us is we have to identify the right products as per our needs. We often end up buying so many products and lot of those products don’t suit us which gets waste and we end up not using them or throwing them. Our search for our products is a never ending process.

During one of my casual internet checking I came to know about this App called as Smytten. Reading further about the App it interested me and I downloaded the same. The concept is unique. The App offers you free trials of various products listed and if you like it you buy it from them. It’s a win win for both I get to try the products on which I wana spend money and then chose what suits me well.

How the App works:

  • Download the App for Android phones from Playstore or http://smytten.com/
  • They would ask you some details.
  • They would send a mail with the confirmation post accepting your details.
  • You can avail 3 free trials. Please note you would pay some amount as delivery charges which honestly is nominal.
  • The products would be mentioned on the App. The quantity would be mentioned and it is sufficient to help you make a good judgement of the product.
  • You share your review post few days and you can avail new trials.
  • If you like the products go ahead and buy. They offer customized products on the basis of your product selection which are updated regularly. Plus there are in house discount offers as well.

I have tried few products myself and I was pretty impressed I must say. The products are authentic first and foremost. The delivery was quick and although they were trial products it came in nicely packaged box. A product in a neat packaging is always a delight. The quantity was sufficient to take my decision. Any queries or problems you can contact them on admin@smytten.com and they are pretty fast in their responses.

Currently, they have beauty and grooming products and they would be expanding to other categories as well for their customers. I am pretty happy with my search and excited to try new products and buy as well. Plus I get to read reviews and other updates on their App as well which is quite useful.

Some details for you:

About the company: Smytten focuses on products and services in premium beauty and grooming, luxury stays, high-end fitness and wellness services and consumer lifestyle products and services. Smytten’s differentiation is its focus on curation, offered by few platforms in India. The company caters to individual consumer needs, helping them sift through the information overload, in the process connecting brands with the right audience. Smytten also offers assisted shopping and for the more advanced shopper, features such as customised offers and the ability to build their own likes list for regular purchases. Smytten has tied up with more than 50 premium/super-premium brands to offer consumers genuine sampling experiences and the opportunity to purchase online.



Disclaimer: It’s not a paid review

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