Indian Standard Time : Ghanta (Bell)

Indian Standard Time for any person it denotes time but for us Indians it also denotes how we value our time. Right na?

We have to be taught how to use our resources properly, how to keep our country clean and also how to respect time not only our time but also others time. We often forget some important basics… laziness may be or may be we don’t think its important, ya shayad sab sikane padta hai hamein.

We have so many instances where we have proved our capabilities. Lets take personal front, we give time to friends and family how many times have we lived up to those commitments. There would be valid reasons for sure but introspection is also important. We see airports where there are so many people who make last minute entry causing discomfort to authorities and fellow passengers. We see hospitals or clinics where appointments are given but waiting is a part.

Professional front is also not spared. Generally seniors have the tendency to keep others waiting. Frankly it may or may not be intentional, I am not a judge. We have progressed with apps and tools to manage our to do list still we would reach out for meetings or calls or webinars at the last moment in office. We would frantically call people at the last moment and make everyone wait. Slowly the tendency translates and everyone becomes cool with it and works at the last moment. We have interviews where waiting is part and parcel of the game. It could be patience testing tool as well. We have meetings and how many of us reach on time or don’t make others wait who have come to visit us.

I am sure all of us have gone through our set of experiences and we have our reasons. No one is perfect otherwise we wont be humans. We say time is money, time once gone does not come back and we should respect time etc etc Do we follow?

When we go abroad we adhere to time. Then why make an exception in our country. We may be big shots in our life but that does not mean we take others for granted. Respect time for yourself and not for others. Value time for yourself. There would be times where things could not be in your control but every honest attempt counts. Lets try that Indian Standard Time is just a notation for time and nothing else.🔕

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