New Year.. New hopes :)

Food and water are the essential lifelines for our survival. But we survive on one more thing.. that keeps the light shining within us… ya thats HOPE!
Ummed pe duniya kayam hai” as they say…

Dont just go on the 4 alphabets, they are the survival kit for anyone, mind it anyone may be till eternity. I don’t know if everyone would agree or not because, there are many personalities of a human being… Hope is something which is not restricted. As per the definition it is defined as an expectation or desire or feeling of trust but I feel its one of the wheels on which life runs.

Every new thing gives rise to new hopes. We fall in life only to get up but when we get up we look forward to a new thing – may a new day or new month. We wana start afresh, which is fair enough on a blank new page.

Here we have another new thing coming up with just the last few days of this year remaining we have a new year which awaits us.

When we are passing days we feel sometimes why the hell is this week not passing or why cant this today just end. And when we look back in November – December we think the year went so fast.

Large portion of our life is filled with mundane stuff but lets retrospect and see what were the good, bad and ugly of the year gone by. Every year teaches us something new or maybe we would have had some of the best moments of our life in that year. Just relive and relearn and carry them in your heart. Everything is an experience to build new things…

Keep the light burning always in all the circumstances. Also keep the child alive in your heart to live every moment. Pray that the New Year fulfills the unfilled, gives good health and prosperity to everyone…

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year💐


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