Garnier Revieww

Somehow or other I haven’t used many of Garnier products. However I am trying my hands on some of them so thought of sharing my reviews on that –

Pure Active Neem + Tulsi Foaming Face wash: I have a liking towards natural stuff so I always end up buying my skin care stuff containing them. I have a sensitive combination skin which is prone to Acne so I am very choosy for the stuff I buy, because not everything suits me. I took a pea size amount and tried this face wash on with make up still on. I did not remove the make up as I wanted to check how good the product is. As described it has a good foam and after using it my face felt clean. The make up was gone, little bit shimmer was on the face. My face felt a bit dry but fresh it was clean. I just wiped it with a handkerchief to see if any make up still there you can see its nothing.


I think its a great product and I am pretty satisfied.
I would rate it as 4 on 5 wherein 5 is the best.

Pure Active Exfoliating Face Scrub (Apricot): As claimed the product has a apricot fragrance which is very soothing. It has a good creamy base with apricot beads which are good for exfoliation. You feel fresh after using the product. I think depending on your skin type could be used 1-2 times per week for exfoliation. I would rate it as 4 on 5 wherein 5 is the best.

Skin Naturals B.B. Cream (Beauty Benefit Cream): As suggested its a BB cream with Vitamin C + Almonds + Minerals for Brightening. I used it and its very easy to blend in your skin. The consistency of the cream is good to spread and does not dry quickly. It gives your face a smooth look and has sunscreen protection SPF 24/PA+++ and UVA/UVB protection so perfect for day wear. For the winters I did would suggest depending on the skin condition you could hydrate your skin with a moisturizer. You would feel your skin tone a lighter but it would be fine in sometime just blend properly. I would rate it as 3 on 5 wherein 5 is the best.

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