Did I hear – Shopping ^_^

Shopping typing this can bring smile, so you can imagine what it means to most of the girls…

‘Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop’ it’s so trueee J

Festivities involve a lot of shopping and with Diwali ending and people gearing up for the Christmas and New Year and the marriage season shopping will surely continue. *** Just a note – girls just need an excuse as they can shop all 12 months 😉

So these days we have plethora of options available unlike earlier times – we can go to market or shop online through various modes of laptop or mobile (shopping sites and whats app included) or may be just shop through TV and even newspapers. I may forget the options, if so just excuse me.

I just thought of sharing few ways which may be fun and saving some money too. So let’s start:

Thankfully for people who shop a lot of cosmetics they have multiple options available now for local as well as international brands. We don’t need to be dependent so much on others since most of the International brands have an outlet here or you can shop on their sites which can be shipped internationally (Lemme know if you need help). Local products have also evolved to give a much better customer experience. Websites such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle have good offers going on which could be tried. In addition to that I would like to share another way of shopping through subscription boxes. We have Fab Bag, MSM Box, My Envy Box which are totally into cosmetics (I would mention the links below). These subscription boxes are having branded products at a much cheaper price. It’s very difficult to try multiple products and then decide what product is working and we end up spending a lot of money and get frustrated. These boxes sometimes have full sized products or trial packs which come handy and we can try multiple products and see what works for us in a cost effective way. Plus they have freebies and multiple offers running throughout the year. These subscription boxes have multiple options of subscription and who does not love receiving goodies every month. Get Set Go and Try One for yourself!

Continuing with the subscription boxes we have other options like Lady Raga, SugarBox, etc which is a combination of cosmetics, jewelry and other goodies like clothes or accessories or small nic nacs. There are subscription boxes purely for jewelry as well like Zotiqq, Embellishment Box etc

For clothes just head to the season end sales if you really really love clothes but make sure you buy stuff which you intend to use coz sometimes we end up buying unnecessary stuff as well. Just make up your to buy list before going pleaseee! There are websites again like Jabong, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra etc etc which have good deals on branded clothes through the year so that’s also a good option. Lot of brands have even started festival discounts and stuff so you can check out that because it may happen that during season end sale you may get options but not of your size and color choice. This is very important because it can be really demotivating and frustrating.

Coupon codes are another tool for saving some money. Couponraja, Coupondunia, Couponrani ya a lot of sites. Additionally please check your credit cards for some offers as well. These days credit cards like HDFC or Citibank offer discounts or coupon codes which come handy for sure. Plus you can earn rewards which can be used for multiple things depending on your card.

PayUMoney and Paytm are other options which work on some sites for those last minute additional cashbacks or offers.


I have tried to help with few options which came to my mind. Hope it helps

No one has paid me any money to write all this, just shared some of my thoughts, experience and reading.

All the best and do share your thoughts. Have a great festival season!



Links for subscription boxes as others most of the people would be aware of:

Fab Bag: www.fabbag.com my referral link for the additional 10% discount https://www.talkable.com/x/duE2H2

MSM Box: www.msmbox.com my referral link for additional 10% discount http://go.referralcandy.com/share/4FKVJ7L

My Envy Box: www.myenvybox.com

Lady Raga: www.ladyraga.com

SugarBox: www.sugarbox.in

Zotiqq: www.zotiqq.com

Embellishment Box: http://www.embellishmentbox.com/

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