4 Ways to look Attractive in Ethnic Wear

Splendid fashion requires stunning styling! And ethnic wear for women is one of those styles that never fails, no matter how you pair the different apparel and accessories. But do you doubt how you can look more attractive in ethnic wear for women? Then here’s a guide you can follow and get those glances turning towards you each time you wear these attires.

1. Grab the perfect fit —

One of the most important tips that we can give you to look gorgeous in ethnic wear for women is to grab the perfect fit. If the attire does not fit well on your shoulders, it will not outline your curves properly which can be the biggest drawback of wearing any dress. Especially, ethnic wear for women requires the right fall and flare that is always dependent on the various fitting angles. Always measure your body before choosing any attire online and study the size chart for the same as well. If you are getting it from an offline store, prefer trying it to get a perfect idea of your fit and size.

2. Pair the ethnic wear with the right bottoms —

Even your bottoms plan an important role in enhancing your appearance in ethnic wear for women. So, select your bottoms carefully. Certain bottoms are specifically designed for various types of ethnic tops while others do look great on all styles of them. For example, palazzos, churidars, and leggings look great on short Kurtis, longer ones and even on Anarkali tops while salwars are only paired right with kameez. Also, do keep a close eye on the colour contrast when looking for ideal bottoms for your ethnic tops. This will give you the best results when you pair these bottoms with your different attires.

3. Accessorise well —

Love bangles, clutches, watches and bindis? Then give double the attention they need when you are pairing them with your ethnic wear to look marvellous in them. If you are wearing matching coloured bangles, stunning earrings, bespoke neck pieces and gorgeous bracelets with your ethnic attire, you’re definitely going to ace the look wearing them! A perfect arm candy, a lovely-looking dupatta and the right pair of heels will also add to your charm in these dresses. 

4. Never forget the power of comfort in trends and styles —

You understand that fashion and style is a great things. But if you want to look fabulous in an attire, then opt for comfort more than you consider the styles. It is because if you are not comfortable in a certain dress, then you are not going to look presentable in it. However, if you are at home in your dress, then no matter what you wear, it’s going to fit in seamlessly and look stunning over you. 

If these are on your to-do list while you don an attire, then whether it is your ethnic wear or western dress, you will grab the eyeballs and look gorgeous in them.

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  1. This is such a well written guide on ethnic styling. The bottoms have changed so much over time that we really need to pair them well. It’s good to keep trying new stuff so you can find out what looks best on you.

  2. It’s been almost 3 year I haven’t dress in ethnic. Yes I wore saree but not anarkali or kurta. I totally forgot how do I look in them. Thanks to your post as it encourages me to have my ethnic in my wardrobe. I do love bangles but due to babies I am in mom mode.

  3. Ethnic look is something I always like and admire but I will not deny that I am equal fan of western outfits too. For me what matters the most is my comfort wearing any outfit. It should be light, breathing fabric, allows free movement and should look good. I do occasionally wear saree but kuti, Pallazo, anarkali, Long maxi frock, skirts, jeans, pants, gowns are more of my type than saree… as i lack comfort and free movement wearing it. I feel heavy and binded wearing saree, although I love people wearing it as it looks beautiful.

  4. Such an informative posts. I love casual dressing and am mostly in jeans and tunics/short kurtas but the summer heat compelled me to switch to kurta sets with loose palazoos /pants. Yep comfort is of utmost important, but i somehow always end up with short and awkward pants/palazoos even though i’m short heighted. Am i wearing the wrong brands?

  5. Wow, what a fantastic guide to looking stunning in ethnic wear for women! The first tip about grabbing the perfect fit is absolutely essential. The right fit not only enhances our curves but also adds elegance to our overall look. It’s crucial to pay attention to the shoulder fit, as it sets the foundation for a well-proportioned silhouette. Thanks for sharing it these ideas.

  6. Loved your article because I’m a hardcore ethnic-wearing person;)
    I agree that the perfect-fit tops this list. Sometimes when my size is not available, I order one size smaller or bigger….that turns out to be a disaster 😀

  7. Loved your article because I’m a hardcore ethnic-wearing person;)
    I agree that the perfect-fit tops this list. Sometimes when my size is not available, I order one size smaller or bigger….that turns out to be a disaster 😀

  8. I used to wear a lot of kurtas when I was in college. We used to get it from Khadi Gram. They had such beautiful colors. You are absolutely right, the fit is very important.

  9. I love ethnic wear. I am more of a churidar person, palazzos never really worked for me. Thanks for sharing the styling tips. Lifestyle is one of my favorite places to shop too.

  10. Oh my my… what a co-incidence Manisha… my friend gifted(we bought at a store)me a suit today n I thought I was being fussy about the fit, style, comfort factor n the bottom but after reading your blog I wasn’t wrong in wanting the right one. The tops I liked had the bottoms I didn’t n vice versa… hahaha.
    Your blog is a very good guide for purchasing n styling 👍

  11. Ethnic wear is my jam. It makes me feel beautiful while being extremely comfortable. Thanks for these styling tips. I especially loved tour suggestion on choosing the right bottoms. It makes such a difference to the outfit. I am going to put it to good use.

  12. Although styling is a personal thing it is important that we pay close attention to what’s in trend and suits us well. Accessorising completely transforms a look.

  13. I am one of those Cotton and Comfort loving kinda person. I am definitely gonna try the comfy styles according to the tends you have mentioned here in this amazing and elaborated post.

  14. Lovely dresses! I may not be Indian nor have any chance of wearing one of these, but I still love how you’ve shared how to style it nicely. I know there’s a lot of women who’d find this article very useful.

  15. Breezy cotton salwars have been a blessing this summer. And of course Iam required to wear them whenever I give my lectures in the college…..I rarely opt for the saree. Growing up and even now, I first reach for a pair of pants and a shirt. But of late I have enjoyed dressing up in salwars. I love costume jewellery and all my collection complement the outfit so well.

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