8 reasons why attending classes will get you a better grade

When it comes to learning I am more of a visual person, physical presence in a class and understanding as the teacher explains has created a long-lasting effect on my mind. My recall of the subjects is much better to date. I would say that this quote by Woody Allen holds 100% true in my case.

To build any structure the foundation must be strong, similarly, to grasp knowledge as a student it’s imperative to attend your classes let it be live classes or online video-recorded classes. Opportunity doesn’t always knock twice on your door, attending classes is an opportunity for a student to learn first-hand from your teachers about the subject matter and gain insights.

There are multiple benefits of attending live classes, today I shall share my 8 reasons why attending live classes will get you a better grade.

1. Knowledge of the Subject Matter:

Active participation in the classroom helps to retain better and longer. Reading textbooks is one aspect, however, attending classes gives you an additional perspective on the topic. A teacher always explains the concepts with their personal experience, examples and case studies which help to further elaborate on the material and provide new insights.

2. Clarifying your doubts:

When you read any textbook or reference material, you don’t have complete knowledge of the subject matter, many questions hover in your mind. You may spend your time reading multiple texts to get your queries resolved or you can simply choose to attend your classes. live classes help you get instant answers to all your doubts and give you a clear direction to move forward.

3. Regularity is the key:

When you attend classes, you follow a regular pattern in your study schedule. If you rely on self-studies or listening to recordings, you may tend to postpone it, creating an irregularity in your study schedule. Attending classes helps you maintain good study discipline.

4. Application of studies:

A teacher may pose a question or lead a discussion that promotes your thinking power and leads you to make connections between the concepts. It enhances you to think about the material in new ways. When you learn in this way, you learn to apply these concepts in your life and develop a practical way of understanding instead of just knowing the theory.

5. Make the most of your teacher/faculty:

A teacher/professor/faculty member is a subject matter expert. They have immense knowledge due to their personal experience and interactions at multiple forums. What we may learn from months of experience or reading multiple books, we can gain from simply interacting with our ‘Guru’ or teachers.  

A teacher has always been held in high regard right since the beginning of humankind. They are our aorta of knowledge; we can quench our thirst for knowledge under their guidance. 

A teacher can make or break a subject for you. It still holds true for me. The way a teacher explains and creates an environment around the subject helps your learning easy. Plus, a teacher can advise you about the importance of concepts that may be relevant, and you should focus on. 

I personally am a science student; however, I have an interest in history because of my teacher. Her teachings made a mark, which I shall carry throughout my life. 

Recently, I would say during the online school phase for my little ones, interaction with the teacher has made a mark on my daughter’s learning curve.

6. Cutting down your study time:

When you just read a textbook and study you spend more time because you have doubts in your mind which require further clarification which comes with more reading. Simply attending classes helps you know the subject matter in a much better way, clarifies your doubts and when you study your textbooks/reference materials your retention is much better and clearer. This enables you to save your precious time and learn better.

7. Better Notes for Study:

Not all professors are textbooks oriented they have their viewpoints and perspectives. This additional know-how will be gained only by attending classes and taking notes. Having your notes is a terrific and easier way of learning things. Taking notes from reference guides or peers won’t enhance your skills the way you would ideally like them to be. 

The act of attending class and taking down your notes will help you to learn the subject matter and solidify your understanding in a way that is much more effective.

8. Connect with Peers:

Attending classes gives you a platform to interact with your peer group. Interaction with fellow students during class or discussions enhances your learning curve. You can gain from these interactions Plus helps you build connections for your study sessions, projects and we all have school friends who remain lifelong friends, right?

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Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.

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