How to clean bathroom and kitchen taps in one easy step? 

India is a land of festivals and personally, I love celebrating festivals with my family. Each festival has its significance and it’s time to get together, celebrate and enjoy with the family. The family adds the required vibrancy and joy to the occasion. Major festivals like Haldi Kumkum, Ganpati, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas & New Year, I have my entire family including my extended family coming together to celebrate. 

Good food and mood are always the highlights for such moments. However, it calls for a lot of preparations beforehand concerning arrangements for food, staying, décor and ambience. This consumes a lot of energy and effort for the host. On the other hand, when you have all of them at your place, there are a few things you need to take extra care of – like maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. 

Well, yes maintaining good hygiene practices is always important. With people coming over the usage of your space only increases like your kitchen and bathrooms. Especially, with guests over, bathrooms are the most used place in your house. Increased usage and if there are kids in the crowd raises the probability of soiled taps and faucets exponentially. You don’t want to have dirty taps in front of your guests. In fact, the kitchen is equally used and soiled with gravy splashes on the tiles while preparing dishes. At this point, how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps especially forms a critical stress factor for the host. With a host like me, who has a penchant for keeping my space spic and span that borders towards a compulsion for cleanliness, it matters a lot! 

At this point, you are on the lookout for quick solutions which work and not a long procedure to how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps easily. 

When one has questions in mind our go-to destination is Google. I am no different. When you search for – ‘how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps,’ there are multiple options that pop up. A lot of YouTube videos that show up have some useful hacks and product ideas. Now I won’t deny that I did not try these out. In my experimental moods, I have kept soda, vinegar, soapy water solutions ready in different bottles and cleaned my taps. However, experiments are fun for short periods. When you have a pile of workload with a toddler to take care of, a home to manage and other things to look after you can’t do it forever. With guests around, even more, you are stretched for time. You want a “juggad’ as we say in Hindi or a solution at the snap of your hand. 

So how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps, simple by using my saviour, my buddy – Cif cream. The name may sound long but the action is quick 😊 

How Cif became my saviour and my first choice for how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps effectively 

  • As I shared, Google hacks are effective but not long-lasting. I had to search for a product that works within time. Whether I have guests at home or not, I must manage my time skillfully. I tried products some worked but required a lot of effort while some failed.  
  • Although, I was disheartened but kept searching for a good product for how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps easily. I saw Cif abrasive surface cleaner cream pop up while shopping for my monthly groceries on Amazon. It looked like a promising product with some great product attributes. But when you have burnt your hand with multiple products you never stop doubting. To give it a try I did buy it, with a question in mind what if this product works. I gave in to the urge and bought it.  
  • I received my parcel; my product was in my hands. The product works well in the kitchen and bathrooms as written on the package. Well, in my mind the question was how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps so I first tried the product on the taps and faucets.  
  • Post usage I had a satisfied smile as my taps and faucets were shining within a few minutes of usage and negligible efforts. Not much rinsing, not much of scrubbing just wiping away all the soiled portions in a jiffy. 
  • I used it for a few months to firm up my mind about whether the product is really good or not. I used it extensively in Diwali and New Year get-togethers when my full family had turned up at my home to see whether my dilemma of how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps is managed by this product. It passed with flying colours.  
  • With my few months of usage and consistent results every time, this product became my saviour and first choice for how to clean bathroom and kitchen taps effectively.  
  • You know what I don’t fear my little one’s soiled hands of paints and food because cleaning has become less stressful for me. 

How to use the product?  

  • It comes in bottle packaging. Squeeze out the creamy product on a piece of a damp cloth. Please note that this product works on hard surfaces like your taps, faucets and kitchen platforms and tiles.  
  • Apply the product to the surface you want to clean. 
  • With a quick wipe, the creamy formula removes all the stains effectively. 
  • Simple wipe back with a cloth and gently rinse away the product. Simple and quick! 
  • Please note use small amounts of product because they are enough. Large amounts will only increase your work to remove the product and it will be wasted. 
  • A bottle of 500 ml is long-lasting and can be used on a variety of surface areas. So it helps you use a lesser amount of cream making it cost-effective also. 
  • It leaves a nice fragrance while using the product and post usage also, which is quite appealing to your senses. 

What did I like about the product? 

  • It removed the tough stains/dirt so easily. No scrubbing, and with first swipe the tough stains are removed. 
  • This product has 100% natural cleaning particles which was also one of the reasons which compelled me to buy the product to try for shiny clean results 
  • The texture of the product is very smooth and makes cleaning a simple task, which anyone at home can do. It doesn’t damage the surface area even after long term usage.  
  • Another one of its vital attributes is that it leaves the surface shiny which gives you that wow feeling after using the product.  
  • The scented fragrance is a great add-on. 
Before and After Using Cif Abrasive Surface Cleaner Cream

I have learnt to say goodbye to all the soiled and greasy stains on my taps and faucets with a smile. One big stressing point when family comes home during festivals has been taken care of with Cif cream by my side. Having family come over should be a reason to be excited and I am glad that I can find the right products which meet my needs, to support me at the right time. Hope my quest is successful on all fronts, till then take care and share your experiences too if you have used the product. You can buy it here

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Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.


  1. Ye to bahut effective, useful n safe bhi hai, will buy n use this from now
    Thanks for detailed review ☺️

      1. A specialised cream for cleaning your bathroom and sink taps, now that’s a great home cleaning product.A specialised cream for cleaning your bathroom and sink taps, now that’s a great home cleaning product.

  2. I am surprised to see that Cif actually brings back the shine to my taps in just 1 spary and swipe.

  3. This is a great product that makes my cooking stress-free and cleaning bathroom after guests.

  4. Kitchen and bathroom taps are really very dirty after every use and your post has helped me find the right product.

  5. A specialised cream for cleaning your bathroom and sink taps, now that’s a great home cleaning product.

  6. Thank you for writing this blog post! It really helps in getting all the information you need about the product.

  7. I have heard my neighbor talking about Cif cream for cleaning her bathroom tiles and fixtures. Sounds like a great product.

  8. Cif is something I’m absolutely going to get when i move into my new place. it’s going to make cleaning so easy and effortless.

  9. My house help has been complaining about all the scrubbing she has to do. I am definitely buying Cif.

  10. I always struggle with cleaning my bathroom taps. I have tried many hacks from Google but nothing works satisfactorily. I am now going to try this Cif cream, seems like an effective product. Also, love the fact that it’s a 100% natural product.

  11. Wow the difference is so stark, as a cleanliness freak, how can I not try this product, thank you so much for the recommendation, I will now #DontJustCleanItCifIt

  12. Keeping bathroom clean has been a real fight for me being a mom of growing child. These products come so handy when we are in a tough task like grime and dust.

  13. Bathroom and kitchen taps are hardest to clean with their design and limited reach. This is indeed a great and handy product to have.

  14. I love using Cif products mainly because it’s convenient, quick, and yields satisfying results. I am definitely going to try to try this variant keep my bathrooms clean.

  15. Thanks for such an informative post and I agree with you that kitchen stains are always a nightmare for everyone. Will definitely try this product soon.

  16. Great review .. This product is one of my favourite products, best for the kitchen and bathrooms. CIF is an alternative to the many chemical-heavy products on the market.

  17. Having a good shiny bathroom is awesome and having a product that helps in keeping that is even more awesome. Cif cream seems like a very good product and I like the fact the way you have shown the difference after using the product. Will try to get one for my bathroom.

    1. Thanks to your recommendation. I have ordered the product now and will soon get it. I am really looking forward to cleaning and making my bathroom shine.

  18. This is just what I needed today. I am looking for some good toilet cleaning agent today. Thanks a lot.

  19. I have not yet found out a suitable cleaner for my kitchen, but thanks for sharing about Cif cream. I would surely try this out.

  20. With the degraded quality of the water and the amount of salt in the water , bathroom fittings need regular cleaning. Cif like cleaning agents help us to save time and energy.

  21. I am hearing a lot about Cif cleaning products all across the web. seem they have really impressive features. would love to try this products for myself. thanks for sharing your honest experience.

  22. My mom has been using Cif products back home so when it was time for me to build my own family, this surely has been adopted. I must say, it’s one of the best quality cleaning products that’s easy to use and ain’t that expensive. For someone who haven’t tried Cif, I also truly recommend it!

    1. Wow, great to know about your positive experience. I completely agree for someone who hasn’t tried the product should seriously try it. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  23. Thank you for sharing about this product. I just loved it. It is challenging to clean taps but this would definitely help. Great one.

  24. Cif is indeed the best tried and tested cleaning partner in the kitchen and bathroom ! #DontJustCleanItCifIt

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