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Recently I got admission into the nursery.


Hehe, well we recently got Anaaya my little one admitted to Nursery so with online schooling I pretty much feel I have got admitted. 

A few weeks back we had the orientation and the principal guided us about the curriculum and also gave us an idea about future developmental steps. Understanding the details, we feel there is a huge change in the syllabus and the teaching methodology. We also realised the emphasis given on coding as future steps. My immediate reaction was what’s this and why is there so much stress on this subject.

The next thing I did was read up about this and ask a few teachers about the reasons. In my search, I also came across various coding camps for children across age groups. I interacted with Leapwaters Coding Camp team to understand the importance and benefits of coding. The team at Leapwaters Coding Camp was kind enough to me to explain through the details and answer even my basic questions.

Well, to sum up, all my interactions, I learnt more specifics about coding which are as follows.

What’s Coding?

Our children are living in the digital era, with the advancement in technology, coding is becoming part and parcel of life. Although it sounds very technical, coding is viewed as a form of literacy, a new language except that it’s for computers. Its essentially a method of communicating with a computer, a language to give instructions to perform specific functions. This in turn helps us to create different computer software, websites, app etc.

Benefits of Coding:

  • Problem Solving Capabilities:

Understanding coding help to develop an understanding of how things work. Further, it helps to understand how math is used logically and creatively. Problem Solving is a skill that helps in many walks of life so the earlier you develop this skill it will help your child in the long run.

  • Developing resilience:

When you learn to code and start developing computer apps you may not always meet success. However, you continue to work till you achieve your goal. This helps your child to develop the skill of resilience and keep on trying till you achieve the desired result. We always want our children to keep trying and not give up, coding is one way to achieve this. You keep on trying till you find a solution in coding this is called debugging in computer programming. These skills are quite essential.

  • Thinking differently:

Coding isn’t just about how to type lines of code. It is teaching your child how to think logically and differently. Turning a vague idea into a solution or breaking a larger problem into smaller steps and arriving at a solution, coding enhances your child’s ability to think. It’s not necessary to be a professional coder but learning can be beneficial.

  • Fun With Maths:

Programme development involves organising and analysing data. So, children can develop maths skills even without realising it through coding. Using logic, creativity and calculation skills can make maths more engaging and fun. You don’t need to be a maths genius to understand coding however, coding helps to strengthen your math solving skills. We all know, maths can be quite a task for many and having a fun way to play with it is always preferred.

  • Helps to grow:

Coding is a new language except for the fact that it is more technology enforced. Coding helps children to experiment on their own and learn. It also helps children to realise that there could be more than one way to solve a problem.

You can develop so many skills by learning coding which may help you in day-to-day activities. You may or may not become a professional but you can’t negate the applicability of the learnings.

There are multiple businesses that rely on computer coding and it’s not just the technological sector. With the growth in digital footprints learning coding will prove to be an added advantage for future prospects.

That’s the reason that there has been a huge impetus been given for coding in the current education system.

When should kids start to learn coding?

Kids from the age of 5 can start with learning the basics of coding.

I would recommend you to check Leapwaters Coding Camp as I found they offer a great learning package and you can attend it from the comfort of your home.

Leapwaters Coding Camp offers both Weekday and Weekend packages for kids starting from the age of 5. They believe in offering customised courses for various age groups and you can choose and pick one as per your choice. These high-quality courses are designed for one month and conducted via live sessions for a period of 12 hrs. They offer lifetime access to course material.

I found the pricing and course curriculum quite interesting and better than the few I had checked. INR 1800 per course which just INR 150 per session is quite competitive and affordable.

Another, good thing about Leapwaters Coding Camp I found is that the staff responsiveness is very good and up-to-date. They make the sessions quite interactive and fun which keeps the child engaged.

In case, your child develops interest they even have recommended learning paths for your child, which I found very useful. We always have this question that how these courses can be applicable and helpful over different stages of your child’s education.

Their certificate is globally recognised which is great. Also, the course includes membership to ‘The Leapwaters Entrepreneurs’ along with a one-on-one session with an expert which makes this course stand out for me even further.

I am glad I got to know so many details about coding beforehand for Anaaya. Do share your experiences in case your child is studying about this and how it helped, it’s always good to learn from experiences.

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  1. Coding is going to be the future and if kids can learn it from an early age then nothing can be better than that. I am hearing a lot about Leapwaters Coding.

  2. Its important for kids these days to learn various skills in order to succeed well in future. And coding is indeed one of the skills kids need to up their game on for a great future. I will also check out Leapwaters coding camp

  3. I agree kids have no choice than to learn most of the concepts though online learning. With Pandemic, their screen time has gone up but if they are utilizing their online time in learning something useful then there is no harm in it. We can explain them to balance their other screen time activities.

  4. Coding is very important in today’s education and kids need to learn from an early stage. Leapwaters is truly a perfect place.

  5. Coding has become very important nowadays and is an integral part of academics. The Leapwaters coding camp sounds great to introduce kids to the concept of coding.

  6. Coding helps in many ways. I learned coding in my college days and I think I picked many new skills like logical thinking and problem solving. I think it is important for kids to learn coding skills.

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