How to take care of Baby Laundry – Tips and Tricks

Once you realize you are pregnant along with the pregnancy blues you try to imagine various things about your child be it how he/she would look, how things would change, etc. If you happen to step into a shop where there is a baby’s section then trust me, we end up spending a lot of time there. I am sure there would be a smile while reading this by all moms because I have done this too.

However, while going through the initial euphoria I did not know maintaining the clothes for these little ones sometimes can become a task. Over the last two and half years, I have made mistakes and have had my share of learnings that I thought to share.

Let’s go step by step –

For Expecting Moms and New Moms: The first task is to deal with all the questions in mind whether we need to pre-wash our baby’s clothes or we can directly use them?

  • We start preparing our hospital bags with the clothes around the 7th or 8th month of our pregnancy as a prepared measure. These clothes can be new fabrics or hand me downs from family. In any case, the fabric needs to be washed before usage. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, to top it all the baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed so we need to be extra cautious. The new fabrics could have chemical coatings to give a fresh feel. If you are using hand me downs still since the cloth would be kept for some time it’s ideal, we wash to get rid of any dust, dirt or moulds if any. As whatever touches our little one delicate skin needs to be perfect.
  • Few tips from personal experience: keep your clothes ready and wash them as close to your due date or if possible, ask your mom/mother-in-law to keep them ready while you are in hospital. For newborns use cotton and muslin suits the best.

For all the moms: There are few questions that encompass our mind – should we wash baby’s clothes separately, what kind of laundry products we would need and which work best?

  • Let’s address these questions stepwise to ease all our doubts. Sort of the clothes as per the type. Read any instructions given on the clothes, something we need to keep in mind. For all the bibs, socks and caps you can keep them in a mesh bag and wash separately especially for newborns as the size would be small and the chances you losing is easy.
  • If you want all the prints intact then turn the clothes inside out. Wash the pastels and the bright clothes separately.
  • Depending on the method of washing if you are going to hand wash the clothes a strong recommendation of warm water with a mild detergent to remove stains and protect from germs. If you are using the washing machine then adjust to the best possible temperature as per the clothes instructions and again use a mild detergent. Warm water is a good choice as it helps in removing stains and disinfects the cloth which is important for reuse.
  • The next big question is the selection of products. Mild Detergents work the best sharing from personal experience. Initially, we washed the clothes using our regular washing powder we saw that the prints almost disappeared from the clothes. We never faced the issue of residual detergent powder, however; I did hear from friends about such issues. 
  • When I faced immediate detergent related issues, the next thing was to check the e-commerce sites to check relevant products. We are lucky to live in a timeline where specific products are catering to our needs. I tried first Mother Sparsh because I was using other products from this brand and they were working well. 
  • Second point is that the chances of things going wrong with a plant based product are very less. We do machine washing as hand washing was not possible for us. It was a dilemma for us if this would be a good choice nevertheless, we went ahead and we did not face any issue.
  • Learnt my lesson a bit hard way that mild detergents work the best. If you worry about the stains and odour keep your concerns away as these products are mild but do their job well.
  • Once you develop that comfort level with the products this will save you from a lot of future problems. This routine of washing what you set can continue till your child grows to a certain age. I continue to use the same product. The only addition is a fabric conditioner. There are questions about whether to use it or not. Again, check the label instructions of your clothes generally it shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, we have dedicated products now to our rescue.

You may ask me the products I use for my little one. Well as I have shared, I use Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Laundry Detergent for her.

This product was my first choice because I was using other products from this brand and had a good experience with them.

The next reason was that the best part of Mother Sparsh products is the ingredients which are plant powered backed up. This one has the power of Aloe vera to reduce any kind of skin irritation. Next, it has Neem which is a known anti-bacterial and good for the skin. It also has eucalyptus oil which has a soothing fragrance and prevents the growth of bacteria. This natural bio-enzyme rich detergent is safe and mild and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or even preservatives. Additionally, since it is free from harmful toxins like SLS/SLES, phosphate, parabens, sulfates & bleach its Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. Lastly, it works both in hand washing and machine washing without any hassles so honestly, I haven’t looked out for any other product and stuck to this one till now.

Hope these tips are helpful and would love to know your experiences too.


  1. I liked how you gave separate pointers for expecting and new moms and in general. I remembered my initial days when I would wash the clothes before putting it on my little one. And cotton, used ones or muslin were my first choice.

  2. Great tips and tricks for baby laundry wash and I am using mother sparsh for my kids clothes .its gentle ,mild and Harsh on stains and I love it

  3. Very informative post for those who are going to be moms and are new moms. I will share the post with my bhabhis. I am sure this post will be helpful for them

  4. Very informative tips on how to maintain kids laundry.
    Hygiene is an important aspect here and such useful tips are really handy.

  5. One has to be really careful when it comes to products that we use for babies, even the babies’ laundry. When it comes to detergents, Mother Sparsh offers the safest and secure option, especially as it is plant based and does not have harsh chemicals.Sandy N Vyjay

  6. I totally agree that we should take proper care of babies laundry as they are prone to catch infections and rashes. Even I use Mothersparsh laundry detergent for my kids clothing and its so nice and helpful

  7. It indeed is important to have a good laundry detergent as kids are sensitive and need liquids that do not cause irritation or infections. I also use Mothersparsh for my kids clothing.

  8. I use and recommend mothersparsh laundry detergent. Baby clothing needs more care and nothing is better than mothersparsh detergent. Its just perfect.

  9. It is important to use the right Baby Laundry detergents, as Babies’ skin is sensitive and susceptible to rashes. Products that do not have harsh chemicals and are made from natural ingredients are the best.

  10. These are such awesome ways to take care of baby laundry. I am using Motger Sparsh Derergent. It is do gentle.

  11. It is true that baby skin is sensitive and using natural products pampers the baby. Mother Sparsh has taken care of this totally and is a great relief to new mommies.

  12. I have been reading rave reviews of Mother Sparsh Laundry detergent and after reading your own experience I am sure that it is very good even for new born clothes.

  13. I have heard so much about Mother Sparsh products and that they are so good and gentle. Very good step by step information about how to handle laundry when it comes to babies.

    1. I also heard that one needs to be specially careful with the baby clothes as they can cause skin rashes. I do not have kids but I will send this article to my friends who have kids.

  14. Mother sparsh seems to be best product since it is plant based. Will try my hands on for my younger one. Thanks.

  15. Kids clothes neee extra care and need to eb washed the right way to maintain its softenss. Mothersparsh makes the best detergent as it’s a natural and plant based.

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