Top 5 Recommended Baby Creams in India 2021

Living in Mumbai, winters are synonymous with a little drop in temperature hardly noticeable but it certainly provides a much-needed respite from the heat. When Anaaya was 3 months old she experienced her first winter season. Everyone in the house was constantly nudging me with all the dos and don’ts I needed to follow and be prepared for the cold weather. With Anaaya being the first grandchild in the family & with me having no prior experience of taking care of a newborn; I followed all the guidance which was given to me.

Few days into winters one of the differences I saw was that her facial skin began to dry. I never bought a separate facial cream but used the body lotion for her face. Considering the dry skin, I purchased one for her. I had apprehensions about whether babies need separate products and whether the baby cream will be safe and not have any side effects. We never want to take chances with our little ones, right?

The first product I tried was from Mother Sparsh since it has all-natural plant powered ingredients and with the first application, I started seeing the difference. I have used it throughout the year all seasons and trust me it works well and is completely safe. I did try few products from other brands and I share my personal favourites from my experience with you. I prefer products with natural ingredients and zero/less harmful chemicals, reflecting in my choices below so let’s get started.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Face Cream

  • This product contains the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheatgerm Oil which provides deep moisturisation to baby’s skin providing the necessary hydration to the skin and preventing further moisture loss.
  • All the ingredients used like Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Aloe Vera Extract, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil etc are 100% organic plant, thus making it a safe choice.
  • Since it has organic and natural ingredients this reduces chance of any itchiness. Further the product has no artificial fragrances therefore its hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. The essential oils help to maintain the level of moisture of baby skin and protects the skin from rashes, inflammation or redness.
  • It has a non-greasy formula and there is no residue whatsoever post-application.
  • It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • The product doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as silicon, parabens, dyes, phthalate etc.
  • It’s a lightweight face cream and doesn’t clog the pores so Moms, you can use it too if you like.
  • Another important feature is the leak-proof packaging which is important so you can carry the product everywhere you go without any hassles.
  • I have been using it for more than a year now through the seasons and have never faced any issue. I trust Mother Sparsh’s synergistic approach of bringing the best of products at your convenience without any harmful chemicals, just the purity of Mother Nature!

Price: INR 349 for 50 gm (2021)

Lotus Herbals Baby Plus Feathery Pecks Soft Baby Crème

  • This product contains natural calendula oil extracted from marigold flowers. It has natural SPF properties that help block UV rays. It improves the skin texture by providing hydration to the deepest layers of the skin.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which makes it a good choice.
  • It soothes the gentle baby skin.
  • It doesn’t have any sulphate/alcohol, synthetic colour and fragrances, PEGs/phthalates, mineral oil/petrolatum or preservatives.
  • It’s a 99.9 % natural, clinically tested and paediatrician recommended product.
  • Again, the packaging is very convenient and I love the soothing natural fragrance this product has.

Price: INR 190 for 50 gms (2021)

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Cream for Face

  • This face cream is a 100% Natural and Australia-Certified Toxin-Free product with organic natural ingredients which makes it a good choice.
  • It has Rice Bran Oil which has essential vitamins, protects and hydrates the skin. Also, it has hydrolysed milk protein, shea butter, cocoa butter which provides your baby’s skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins keeping it hydrated. Apricot oil further nourishes the skin along with jojoba oil which also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It’s sulphate free, paraben-free, silicone-free, no artificial fragrances, no mineral oil or petroleum-based/derived ingredients. Made without DEA/TEA, Phenoxyethanol, PEGs and many other potentially harmful chemicals which makes it a trustworthy choice as a mother.

Price: INR 393 for 50 gm (2021)

Babyhug Milk Protein Formula Daily Full Body and Face Moisturizing Cream

  • This milk protein-based formulation moisturises and strengthens your baby’s skin. Aloe vera cools, soothes, hydrates and nourishes. Wheatgerm oil heals dry skin and glycerine which makes it soft and supple. Thus providing 24 hr moisturisation. Its dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved with again power of natural ingredients which work best on a baby’s skin.
  • It has quick absorption, non-greasy formulation and is very gentle on your baby’s skin.
  • It doesn’t contain silicones, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, sulphate or any harsh chemicals.
  • Lastly, it’s quite pocket friendly.

Price: INR 175 for 100 ml (2021)

Mamaearth Milky Soft Face Cream With Murumuru Butter for Babies

  • A great choice for the delicate, soft, and sensitive skin of babies. It soothes and intensely moisturizes the baby’s dry skin taking care of the itchiness.
  • It has murumuru butter which moisturises and nourishes your baby’s skin. Additionally, it’s topped with the goodness of milk protein and sunflower seed oil. These ingredients as a skin protectant thus keeping the baby’s skin soft and supple.
  • It’s a non-greasy formulation that provides the necessary hydration minus any residue post-application. Its dermatologically tested ph. balanced preparation heals and protects your baby’s skin.
  • There are no harmful chemicals like SLS, paraben, sulphate, mineral oil, PEGs, phthalates, or artificial fragrances.
  • Works well and is pocket friendly too.

Price: INR 199 for 60 ml (2021)

These were some products that I have shared based on my personal experience. My preference for organic and natural ingredients-based products without harmful chemicals is quite reflective in my choice of selection. I feel such products are a safe bet and are best suited in the long run.

I would love to hear and learn from your experiences so do share them with me. If you share a similar thought process in choosing products for your little one then do share your choice of products too.

Picture Credits: Self shot images, Pixabay & Brand Websites

References: Brand Websites of the products


  1. When it comes to Baby creams, one needs to be really choosy and look for products with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. This is a good curated list of safe baby creams.

  2. I have been using only Mother Sparsh product for my baby of 5 months old. The natural ingredients ensure his skin is moisturized, yet nonsticky and gentle to his skin

  3. My daughter has very sensitive skin and I have to be very careful while choosing her creams. This list is going to be helpful.

  4. A plant based baby cream would be so much safer for my daughter who has sensitive skin.

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