Benefits Of Applying Curd On Hair

One of the main reasons Ayurveda has been a popular form of medicine for decades is how little effort it requires. Ayurvedic medicines consist of organic ingredients that we find in our diets and houses daily. One such ingredient that is extremely tasty but also highly beneficial for our health is curd. Out of all things curd is known to boost, hair health stands at the top of that list. Curd for hair is extremely helpful in solving your hair issues due to several reasons. There are various curd for hair recipes on Traya that you can try out and use for your benefit. Here are the different ways applying curd to your hair can boost hair health:

  • Hydrates Scalp: The presence of lactic acid in curd is beneficial for your scalp. It helps cleanse away dead skin on the scalp provides a good amount of protein that helps hydrate and nourish it. This gives way to the growth of new, healthy hair and boosts hair growth.
  • Reduces Dandruff: To get rid of dandruff in hair or at least reduce it, you will need anti-inflammatory and antibacterial products to speed up the process. Curd for hair does just that cleans away dandruff on your scalp, helping you eliminate dandruff related hair fall issues and skin problems.
  • Deeply Conditions Hair: Most conditioners often have chemicals and ingredients that can harm your hair, but curd is known as a natural conditioner for your hair. It has soothing properties that remove any itchiness, greasiness or roughness from your hair, giving you a smooth scalp.
  • Balances PH: A balanced PH scale of your scalp is very important to ensure you have healthy hair. Inconsistent PH levels can lead to dull, greasy, brittle hair. This increases hair fall, split ends, makes hair extremely weak, but curd for hair can help you regulate your PH levels and keep them steady.
  • Gives Soft, Shiny Hair: One of the leading hair problems that lead to more significant issues is frizziness and lack of moisture. Curd moisturises your hair, smooths out any frizziness, softens your hair, and adds lustre to its texture.
  • Soothes Scalp: A calm scalp is essential to prevent any hair damage. Curd has cooling elements full of vitamin B5 and proteins, making its application very beneficial for your scalp. It soothes any irritation with its antifungal properties.
  • Strengthens Hair: Curd for hair is a rich source of nutrients. Applying curd masks at regular intervals provides your scalp with a steady supply of nutrients and strengthens your hair follicles. By keeping them from falling apart, lessens hair loss considerably and gives you more robust hair.

Curd for hair is one of the most beneficial home remedies you can use to improve your hair health. Make the best use of this easy and effective way by learning curd hair mask methods from Traya. Your hair adds to your beauty and personality in many ways, so remember to take the best care of it!

Disclaimer: This is a Guest Post and all views shared, are authors own.

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  1. Amazing information. I have to tell my hubby to try this for his dandruff. He has lots of it and most products don’t work on reducing it.

  2. Wow! the benefits of curd on hair are so many. The best part of course is that there are no side-efects and it is completely natural and so easy to source.

  3. Wow I didnt know that curd had so many benefits for hair. I definitely want to hydrate my hair and scalp more often as it tends to get dry. I will try out curd the next time.

  4. Curd is so useful in every manner. Really enjoyed the conditioning part as no chemical suits my hairs, so I will try this method.

  5. My daughter gets lods of sweat in her hair and because of that her hair quality becomes very bad and being small I dnt apply anything except washing it with water n shampooing weekly. But using curd is all natural and a great option. I will try it out.

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