Tips and Tricks to chose the Right Baby Body Wash!

As an expecting or a new Mom, one of the biggest concerns is what products are safe for my baby. The market is flooded with products and choosing the right one is often a difficult task.

When I was pregnant I was clear that in my best possibility I will choose products that have the goodness of natural ingredients minus the chemicals. With help of articles and friends, I brought the first set of products for my daughter. Most of the brands I have used turned out to be good however, some I disapproved of because when I purchased and read the details they had chemicals that I wasn’t happy about. With my daughter almost completing two years I have had a good experience in experimenting with products and shortlisting the best ones for her.

When it comes to skincare for oneself you are sceptical and think a hundred times before buying any products you want to play around with many products so it’s obvious when it comes to a newborn or a little one you want to be absolutely sure with you choice.

I had a list of parameters while shortlisting a product and with time and knowledge, I have polished these parameters to my best.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before making a choice –
▶️ Read The Labels –
  • More often than not, we focus on the brand name and see the front side of any product package while choosing the product. Spend some time on reading the graphics on the backside which makes your eye strain but is worth an effort.
  • I purchased a few products thinking it has natural ingredients which it had however the number of other ingredients was much higher which I disapproved of.
  • In the garb of preservatives, the product could be laden with harmful chemicals. Keep that in mind.
▶️ Focus on the Ingredients  –
  • Baby’s skin is delicate and susceptible to drying and absorbing more toxins and chemicals much faster because they are still developing, unlike an adult skin. Therefore, skin reactions and irritations happen much faster in their case.
  • Also, we as parents don’t completely know what might cause an allergic reaction because we are also learning about our child as he/she is growing. So a product you use should be 100% hypoallergic.
  • Using chemical-laden products are an absolute “No.”
  • Heavily fragrant products may be an indication that they have a high presence of artificial chemical fragrance which should be avoided.
  • Prefer natural or organic skin-care products for your child because they will not harm the sensitive baby skin in-fact it will nourish it and protect it.
  • Natural ingredient based products are gentle on the skin, they are unscented or the fragrance is of the natural ingredients present.
  • Tear-free products are important because they should not irritate the baby’s eyes.
▶️ Avoid and Check  –
  • The presence of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, any dyes in the baby products is a big ‘No.”
  • Check the shelf life and expiry date of the products.
  • Buy authentic products from an authentic dealer/shop, you don’t want to take chances.
  • Packaging should be safe to use.
  • Give quality precedence.
  • Check product reviews from reliable sources. Sometimes other’s experiences benefit many.

These are my parameters which I kept in mind and have evolved over some time. The next obvious question which pops in one’s mind is so what is my choice of products which I prefer. So, here is my Top 5 preferred brands.

Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash For Babies

  • This was my daughter’s first baby body wash. It has coconut oil, orange essential oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera extract as key ingredients.
  • Natural cleansers nourish the skin and cleanse well.
  • The product is free from SLS, Parabens, Sulfates, and is MadeSafe Certified.
  • Its tear-free formula is gentle and not drying on the baby’s skin.
  • The fragrance is mild and I have used this product for at least 6 months so I did not observe any kind of side effects or irritations.
  • It’s a transparent colored liquid and a small quantity gives a good amount of lather.
  • The packaging is convenient to use and the price is pretty competitive.

Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Natural Baby Wash

Image: zarahatkeblog
  • This product was launched around March or April this year. I trust Mother Sparsh products so I gave it a try and have been using it since then.
  • The one thing which I admire or appreciate about this brand is that every single ingredient they use is plant-based and certified organic. I started using the Unscented wipes from this brand and then have tried multiple products and their products haven’t disappointed me.
  • Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Natural Baby Wash has a non-toxic formula minus any kind of silicons, parabens, dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde, PEG, sulfates, or harsh chemicals.
  • The choice of ingredients is a mix of plant extracts, herbs, and essential oils that heal the skin, nourish it, and cleanses it.
  • The product has a pump packaging which makes it convenient to use. It has a locking system which when not in use you can close its helpful to avoid any kind of spillage.
  • The fragrance is of the ingredients used absolutely and nothing else.
  • The non-toxic, tear-free natural blend is gentle on your baby’s skin. There is no drying post usage. It’s hypoallergic which is again a positive aspect of the product.  

The Mom’s Co Natural Baby Wash

  • I have used this product once for my daughter. It has a 100% natural formula and is 100% chemical-free without any paraben or mineral oil.
  • Products from this brand are Australia-Certified Toxin-Free products.
  • It has Avocado, Organic Chamomile, and Organic Aloe Vera gel with soap-free coconut-based cleansers.
  • The formulation is hypoallergic and clinically tested tear-free.
  • It’s gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin of the baby.
  • It has pump based packaging.
  • It’s safe for babies.
  • Personally, I liked everything except the fragrance. I have a very sensitive nose so when I use products for a long time some irritate my nose due to the fragrance. The citrusy fragrance was the deterrent for my discontinuing the usage of this product.

Lotus Herbals – Little Bubbles Body Wash & Shampoo

  • I have used this product a few times for my little one.
  • Without any sulfates, synthetic colors, PEG/phthalates, mineral oil/petroleum, preservatives this again makes a good choice for your baby.
  • It has a tear-free formula again very gentle on your baby’s skin.
  • Again a safe choice for your baby that made me shift from this product was some availability issues on my regular website.

Biotique Bio Berry Disney Princess Body Wash

  • I use it intermittently for my daughter. Biotique products are very common in my house as my parents really liked the products from this brand for many years. So, that was one of the main reasons I wanted to try their baby range.
  • It’s a soap-free formula with natural ingredients like wild berries, sandalwood oil, honey, and aloe vera. The fragrance of berries and sandalwood is very soothing while using the product.
  • It’s organically pure and preservative-free. Its Dermatologically tested for safety.
  • The light foaming formula pH balanced formula is soothing to the baby’s skin and doesn’t cause any irritation.

This was my selection of products based on my experience. If you have used any of these products do share your experience.

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    1. Yes, I had to do a lot of trial and error so thought of sharing my experience with all. Glad you fund it helpful. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. Choosing a right baby wash is a herculean task for every mom… your list is very helpful for all the mos out here.

  2. Great tips dear and I agree checking of ingredients list is so important as some product contain ingredients that are not appropriate for delicate skin of babies.

  3. This is quite an informative post, it will be really helpful for new parents to choose the right baby body wash for their little one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. what a lovely compilation and it is important that we choose only the best for the kids. let’s not go just by the brands.

  5. Yes checking the ingredients list is very important. You had suggested really great tips for selecting good product for baby skin care. Will help a lot to parents making right choices.

  6. Great list. Its indeed important to choose baby and kids products wisely. I’ve used the biotech body wash for my daughter and its simply awesome and smells divine too.

  7. Thanks for sharing this informative article. This is really a good and informative read for all the new moms. Checking ingredients is really very important. We are using Mamaearth body wash and we are quiet happy with the product. Will check out other brand’s body wash too.

  8. I really liked the indepth article to guide any new parent for selecting baby bodywash. It is critical as babies have very gentle skin. I have used Mamaearth and found it good.

  9. Thank you for sharing your tips on choosing the correct baby wash… The brand you listed are all good!

  10. It is very essential to choose the right product for the toddlers as the skin is very delicate. All the products listed here are very gentle on skin. I have used Mother Sparsh and Lotus Herbals, these are good for my child skin.

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