When I travelled to Hogwarts…

There is a sense of thrill in the Thompson household. Leo is turning 11 tomorrow on 11th August. His Mom Sophia was baking his favourite cake while his father was decorating the house for him while Leo was asleep. Being the only child of Sophia and George Thompson; Leo is pampered to the hilt by both the parents.

A simple and obedient child, his favourite sport is football which he enjoys playing with his father. He has been fascinated by magic right since he was a kid so every year on his Birthday his parents ensure to take him for a magic show.

This year the parents planned a surprise for him. They bought him 12 different gifts and kept it at his bedside. They were waiting to see his overjoyed expressions to see those gifts the moment he wakes up.

As expected, Leo woke up and was excited to see those presents.

“Mom,” he jumped in joy. “So many presents,” he got busy opening them one by one. Both the parents stood there smiling happily to see that beautiful smile on their son’s face.

There was toys, some magic trick kits and books. Once all the packages were opened and he was revelling each of the gifts; he noticed a thick envelope with yellowish colour parchment and in emerald green ink his name was written. When Leo turned the envelope, he saw a purplish seal with some prints of a coat of arms, a lion, an eagle and badger with an H in the centre and a snake surrounding the letter. He was surprised as to who would have sent a letter to him. His parents were equally clueless. There was something peculiar about this envelope.

Leo pulled the letter which read as:  

All of them were overwhelmed with what they had just read. Anxiety, happiness, worry – all emotion merged on their faces. They failed to understand what they just read and wondered whether this was a prank. As all three of them were trying to get back to their senses when they saw an owl flying in the room with a similar envelope having the same details.

Leo broke the silence in the air by saying, “Mom I want to go to the given address.”

Leo’s parents didn’t share the same enthusiasm. They were still reeling under the shock of the entire episode and Leo’s words were just another addition. However, their love for Leo and his love for magic overpowered their fears. Since there were just a few days left for the confirmation; all the Birthday plans had to be scrapped as they left for the given address. They all were curious to know more about the school.

As they knocked on the door, a lady in a red dress robe welcomed them with a smile on her face as if she was expecting them there. She greeted them as Mr and Mrs Thompson and wished Leo on his Birthday.

“I am Prof. Luvgood and I can see a plethora of questions raging in your eyes. To help you with some of the answers I am a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My responsibility is to ensure muggle parents like yourself don’t face any issue while sending their wards to Hogwarts. See some wizards are born with magic while some have the power which they are unknown to. Leo has it in him it’s just that he needs to realise and come in terms with them. He is one of the few chosen to study at the world best school of wizardry.”

All of them were trying to absorb the moment while she further added; “we need to first get some muggle money exchanged at Gringotts Wizard Bank and then move to Diagon Alley to buy all the items as per the list. Before anything else, I need to send an owl with your confirmation to the Headmaster.”

Prof. Luvgood went to fetch parchment to write a note to the headmaster and while she got up Leo saw a magic wand which she had left behind. He exclaimed in sheer excitement, “is this a real magic wand.”

Prof. Luvgood replied affirmative and the twinkle in the eyes of Leo was something for everyone to see.

Prof. Luvgood said let’s go to Gringotts Wizard Bank and I will share more information on the way because time is running out. As she held her hand out for Leo, he felt a strong jolt as if he has been shaken a hundred times; only to be awakened by his Mom who was trying hard to wake him up for his surprise Birthday plan.

He shouted loudly in his half-asleep eyes – “Have I reached Hogwarts?”

“Hogwarts? What’s that Leo?” She asked in confusion. She gave him some water and Leo washed his face to his amazement. He shared his dream and they had a hearty laugh. His heart hoped for something else, but Leo smiled back at his parents and hugged them as they wished him a great Birthday 😊.

This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.

Picture Credits: Pixabay.com


  1. This was “Zara hatke” response to theme Manisha and I loved it totally. you had narrated whole story so beautifully and end of post was so unexpected. Loved this twist and I am impressed with your art of story telling.

    1. Thanks Surbhi your words mean a lot. I am not very regular with fiction so was a bit skeptical with this one. I got so carried away that I forgot it’s a post and not a story. Had to shorten it up.

    1. Heheh, would be fun right if he becomes the headmaster that character never ceases to surprise.
      I am glad you liked the post, really means a lot to me.

  2. Omg!! This is so so so beautiful!!! So beautifully written, delicately crafted and lots of turns and twists!!! I so loved reading this story Mahek. Absolutely loved the story and narration. That letter is a downloaded one or you wrote it in your own? Loved the whole set up dear. Absolutely brilliant!!

  3. Wow, Manisha! This was awesome! I travelled with Leo , thanks to your descriptive narration. Please consider writing children’s fiction, Manisha. It is most certainly your forte.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words Mayuri, coming from you means a lot. I was anxiously nervous while posting this and I am glad it’s been appreciated. 😊

  4. Aww just loved the story but it ended so soon. Totally enjoyed reading it, please do write more such fiction stories.

  5. Love your hatake blog. Even I thought this is real one. That is the main art of writing a story. Really appreciating your writing skill. Most surprised the end twist😊

  6. Brilliant take on the prompt Mahek, Well narrated fiction and the balloon of twist that burst in the end left me into giggles. The letter, Institution all supported well to made me belief in Leo’s bday surprise oops! I mean dream! Haha,loved it!

  7. Wow that was a lovely read. I am sure we all would have dreamnt of being at hogwarts at some point in time, Everytime I watch the movie I always make a small wish to have such a world of wizards and magic. You have beautifully written this post.

  8. Such an amazing take on this prompt.. Loved it thoroughly. The letter gives the feeling of that magic which I have seen and can relate to Harry Potter saga. Beautifully written.

  9. Wow that was a wonderful take on the theme of travel. How I wish to travel to some amazing places Be it in my dreams. Frankly I visit the land I ve spent my childhood very frequently in my dreams.

  10. Great, sweet and nostalgic. Brought back so many memories from the time I first saw Harry Potter as a child. Keep the great work going. Your story telling is pretty good. All the best.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  11. Such a lovely story and beautiful narrative. A true fan can have such lively dream. The letter is an added beauty. Loved it completely.

  12. It hurts to get woken up from a lovely dream and go back to the less interesting reality! Nice story indeed. Great details. I at one point thought, could this be a travel memory as fiction?!

      1. Like Freud suggested you might be having a lot of internal conversation of taking this trip! Good to have such interesting dreams regularly!

  13. Manisha! I read Hogwarts and just had to read this post! Sharing this with my son who’s a crazy Potterhead. From what I guess, he would like Prof. McGonagall to welcome him to Hogwarts. Also, can’t Hagrid is better company to go to Diagon Alley. Hope he meets the famous trip there! 😉

    1. Hagrid will always be the first choice for every kid to go to the Diagon Alley. I am sure Leo with meet him in his next dream 🌞

  14. That was really a fascinating journey and tale.
    Loved it and guess what while I’m reading this my kiddo is watching harry potter and I’m laughing along sharing this sweet little dream every kiddo might have dreamt of for sure.

  15. How we all Potterheads wish we could receive a letter from Hogwarts. I know we’re all still waiting! Loved that you took the story ahead, keeping Harry Potter memories alive, Manisha

  16. As a Harry Potter fan, there’s nothing better than reading fan fiction! Hope little Leo got his Hogwarts letter in real life.

  17. Ooh. I was hoping there was another Harry Potter in the making! 😊 An Indian one!
    Lovely the way you’ve taken the actual series and somehow incorporated your touch into it.
    It was crisp and compact.

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