Chai ki Chuski…

The sky is lit with the sun, the soothing wind is blowing past the faces of all. The chirping of the sparrows sounds like music to ears.

Chaturvediji has sunk his face in the newspaper like every day sitting in his garden enjoying the breeze and soaking himself in the sunlight especially in these wintery months, that’s the best feeling. His face is hiding a sweet smile and his eyes running the memories of the era gone by.

His wife, Sunita has gone for a bath as per her routine however by the time Chaturvediji reaches page 5 of his newspaper his better half would be beside him with a simmering cup of masala chai and khari just as both of them like.

As Chaturvediji is still caught in the timeline of his life, there is a knock on the newspaper.

Chaturvediji, kya baat hue aaj lagta hai bahut khas khabar chape hai. Aap toh abhi tak doosre pane par he ho,’ Sunita asks curiously.

Chaturvediji takes a few seconds to get back and keeps the newspaper down. He looks at Sunita, his wife for the last 50 years. Still the same, the same smile that is the reason for his happiness, the same dressing which still feels so fresh with the immense love which radiates in her actions.

Aap aaye samaj he nahi aaya mujhe,’ said Chaturvediji in a soft voice.

Kin khayalon mein dubbe hue the aap janab, mujhse chipayenge,’ asks Sunita.

Aapse kabhie kuch chupa hai, jab bhi chaha kuch chupana aap turant he padh leete ho mere maan ko, najane kaise. Aaj tak samaj he nahi paaya iss baat ko.’

Aapko abhi yeh sawaal hain man mein, shaadi ke 50 saalon ke baad bhi,’ giving a smile like a new bride, Sunita teases Chaturvediji.

Aap ab bhi itne haseen ho aur main jawaan tujhpe kurbaan mere jaan … mere jaan.’

Chhadhoji‘ (Sunita continues to smile like a new bride). ‘Acha batao kya soch rahe the?’

Kuch nahi yeh har jagah khabaron ke jagah Valentine’s Day ke ishtehaar chaape hain. Soch raha tha hamare zindagi ka safar toh zimmedariyon mein he nikal gaya. Par phir bhi bahut khubsurat tha yeh safar kyunki pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti hoon.’

Aap bhi na…’

Aaare begum sahiba, shaarma gaaye kya aap?’

Phir gambhir hote hue… ‘Kya main aapko khush rakh paya is safar mein?’

Sabse zyada,’ said Sunita in an emotional tone. ‘Apka saath mere liyeh bahut zaruri hai aur rahega. Aapne mera saath diya, hum mein aan ban hue par hamesha ek doosre ki fikar mein. Aapne hamesha mujhe izzat di, pyaar diya, mujhe kabhie kaam nahi samjha. Haan main kabhie ruthe, kuch kamiyan the par hum saath the, anth mein woh sabse zyada zaruri hai mere liyeh.’

Kaise na deta, aap mere rooh hain Sunitaji. Rooh see kaise koi peecha chudhaye. Main toh aapse chota hoon, aapne mera saath diya hai isiyeh zindagi ki gaadi yahan tak pahunchi hai.’

Chand Mera Dil hai Chandni hai tu…’

Sunita is emotional with tears shining on her cheeks. 

Arre.. yeh kya. Maine toh aapko Valentine’s Day ke din rula diya.’ Chaturvediji gets up and walks around his garden plucks a rose and hands it over to Sunitaji in a very filmy style.

An emotional Sunita bursts into a smile. ‘Aap bhi na. Aapko is umar mein bhi roz wajah chaiyeh mujhe satane ki. Aap roz subah garam garam chai banate ho mere liyeh bina bole, mera itna khayal rakhte ho, mere liyeh toh har din Valentine’s Day hai ji.’

Chaturvediji in his filmy style again, ‘aap ho he qayamat kya karein..’

Both burst into laughter and have their daily Chai ki Chuski reminiscing about the ups and downs of life. 

True love lasts forever. Joseph B. Wirthlin

Here’s Wishing All my Readers  – “A Happy Valentine’s Day”

Celebrate each day with the people you love, because nothing gives immense happiness as spreading love, feeling loved and giving love!



Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 


  1. We all wish for such a love story for our parents, grandparents, us but few are the lucky ones whom most of us envy for it because only some make efforts and make through the roughs of life together while others who envy just sink in it.

  2. प्यार एक एहसास ही तो है, जो वक़्त के साथ गहरी होती जाती है। आपने एक छोटी सी गुफ्तगू में सारे एहसास बयान कर दिए हैं। ऐसे ही लिखते रहिए।

  3. These kind of men are sweet and in limited supply, trust me. I love the chemistry between the couple even after many years of marriage.

  4. It is so beautifully written.. loved reading every bit of it.. we recently completed 6 years of marriage and I so much can relate to this. . Happy Valentine’s day to you too

  5. Wow I loved reading all your stories and this one is so romantic. Wish the same life for all of us. Keep writing such beautiful lines 🙂

  6. What a lovely read! Love makes the world go round … And when everything else fails, love will keep you alive. Keep writing and sharing such wonderful stories.

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