#Book Review: Stripes Recruitment – Luke Melia

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Genre: Fiction
Age group: Above 18 yrs
Number of Pages: 40
Format: E-Book

About the Book:

Life is a quest, we are in constant search of our calling. There are a few things we desire while there are few we are destined for, however, in the end, what matters is our happiness.

This book has a similar story of a person whom we all can relate to at some point in our life. A person who wishes to get a job which challenges and utilises his skillset and helps him grow. We all wish to grow and we strive for it. Time plays its role, we may not find answers immediately but we should remember there is light after the dark tunnel. We would get what we are destined for. 

What I loved –

🌟 The story is complete, you never have a moment of boredom while reading this. The end and feel of the book are very positive.

🌟 I strongly believe that the right things happen at right moment and this book just reinforces my belief. It may be a piece of fiction but all stories teach us at the same time.

Learning – “We should never stop trying!”

Meet the Book

Stripes has a simple dream to find a job that challenges his skills and helps him grow. To know what happens, read the book 🙂



Stripes RecruitmentStripes Recruitment by Luke Melia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s a nice read which gives a very positive feel. Reinforces the fact that we should never stop trying.

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