Meet Ms. Durriya Kapasi – Writer & Teacher

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
– Joshua J. Marine

We all want our life to be easy and we reach our destinations without any challenges. But God has different plans for us and the straight road that we imagine is filled with ups and downs which in-turn makes our life worth living.

Meet Ms. Duriya Kapasi, author of two published books – Once Upon A Genie & Neverfound Land and a teacher is a passionate reader and a complete foodie. Her second book Neverfound Land just released, and she is the perfect example of living up to the challenges of life. Her love for words was not diminished even when she was fighting cancer.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I never thought I could write until I discovered an app, I wrote two books there before getting my first published book Once Upon a Genie. Now writing is my life.

What is the inspiration behind your books?

The word Genie usually scares us off, so I wanted to change the concept. Instead of a scary, huge and blue genie. I created a handsome and soft-hearted Genie. In Islam, we believe in the existence of genies (jinns) and not all of them are evil, some are very pious. So this is how the inspiration came from.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I learnt in depth about the genies and their culture. I was really amazed when all my imaginations came out facts in my research about them. It gave me chills.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I am not writing I love reading, cooking and playing a game on the app and covet fashion.

What should they look forward to in your second launch – Neverfound Land.

This book is all about strength, friendship and faith. Solomon, the main character tries to give out a positive message every time in Neverfound Land.  
Every writer expects to bring out the best from her/ his work, and as we grow up with our writing it turns more mature which I think very perceptible in this book of mine. 


  1. Ye to bahut accha hai ki apne ko express karne k liye platform hain 👍👍 khushi hui ki Ms Durriya ne best platform select kiya aur subject bhi accha liya, negative ko positive me change karna easy nahi hai oer Genies k baarey me positive bataya 👍👍

  2. So sweet. I really like the idea of her book. Positivity is not just a thought it’s a very strong power.
    I really like this article.

  3. It is nice to read about how she started. I personally identify with her as I did not know I had a flair for writing and discovered it only recently. Her book sounds very simple yet interesting.

  4. Lovely knowing Ms Durriya, I’m excited to read her book Neverfound Land. The theme sounds quite exciting to me and even seems a good read for my son.

  5. I have not read any book which talks about genies and their world. Good to know that the writer has brought out positive things while sticking to reality as per her research.

  6. Ms. Duriya is an inspiration to every one. Would love to read her book. The theme sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing this interview. Got to know about her.

  7. Ms Durriya..more strength to you..must say you are a fighter and an inspiration to many others like me..keep doing the good work…

  8. Love this post.
    It was very insightful and m tempted to get my hands on this to read more about this positive perspective.

  9. That’s very inspiring journey about Ms Durriya. The plot of her two books sounds intriguing and worth reading. Thanks for introducing her. Indeed hardwork always paid off

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