Best Bollywood Movies Revolving Around Black Money

There’s nothing that comes close to a good Bollywood movie to uplift your mood. Thanks to the variety of options available to us, we can watch any movie at any time of the day. Drama movies, comedy movies, horror movies, kids movies, romance movies etc. the list goes on and on. The other day, most of the TV channels made up their mind to show me movies based on black money & corruption. Maybe it was their way of saying – we are fighting for it too. On the face of it, black money seems to be a very well discussed topic in Bollywood movies But the difference lies in the way directors approach them I thought why not share my favourites with all of you.




I start off with Raid because it is the most recent one in this genre. The dedication of one officer risking everything to find the black money, played by Ajay Devgan or the arrogant Minister played by none other than Saurabh Shukla, we did see some great performances. This movie sends chills down your spine with every passing minute. When the protagonist finds the hidden black money, that moment kept me wondering – How can they hide so much money in this way? Is it worth all the struggle when the truth comes out in the open? That amount of money found surely could help so many families in need and the way it was hidden was amusing yet made me wonder about the mentality of such people. The last scene where Ajay Devgan locks himself in the room with all the money, knowing he could be killed was wonderfully shot!


Commando 2:


Another movie which was being played simultaneously on another channel was – Commando 2. Honestly, after watching the 1st part, I had no interest in watching the sequel. But my husband was pretty impressed with the movie, so we decided to watch it later. We logged in to ZEE5 subscription to watch the movie. Trust me when I say, I did not regret this decision. The movie was impressive. It began slowly and picked up the pace later. The twists and turns in the plot were really unexpected. It kept me hooked on throughout the movie. Watching Vidyut Jammwal doing those amazing stunts sequences was really breathtaking. I mean, how did he jump through that square? Did I really see that happening? A mix of action, suspense and drama lay a good foundation for a movie. The climax and the end of the movie were amazing. At the back of my mind, I hope one-day black money reaches its destination the way it’s shown in the movie.


Sivaji The Boss


Although I don’t watch a lot of South Indian movies, who wants to miss out on a Rajnikanth’s blockbuster movie, no one can beat his style. True to his aura he lives up to his fan’s expectations of making the villains look dumb with his witty one-liners like “Jhund mein to suar aate hai; sher akela hi hota hai’. Nevertheless, we can’t forget that he did touch upon how black money runs in our system right from top to bottom, and how genuine people suffer at the hands of corruption. His way was not the right path but he used the money for the benefit of poor people so that counts. It’s been some time since the movie released but you can watch it every time with the same enthusiasm.




Nayak mostly highlighted the corruption in the system which starts right from the very grassroots level and goes all the way to the top. One interview changed the life of a journalist overnight, and he becomes the light of hope for common people. Even though the end of the movie looks like a dream which is too good to be true. The takeaway is that if we all fight corruption may be someday it will become a reality. At least take a step and we can’t forget the famous Paresh Rawal dialogue ‘Politics ek gutter hai bolke sab bhag jate hain but koi bhi iss gutter mein utarke isko saaf karne ko tayar nahi.’


Gabbar is Back


I have mixed emotions when I see this movie. It highlights how black money and corruption is being practised in all the sectors right from the builders to hospitals nothing is spared. The hospital scene where a dead person is still shown alive really pulls the cover from some dark realities. No more of the blame game, let’s stand together for our rights.


The list could continue with many more movies because I do enjoy my share of Bollywood movies. What I appreciate these days is that I don’t have to wait for films to come on TV. Online streaming services like ZEE5 offers a never-ending collection of movies and TV shows at my convenience. I call this convenience at my disposal.

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  1. My favourite is nayak movie from the list. I would love to watch Shivaji and Raid from the list sounds like power pack movies with twist and turns.

  2. That’s a nice list. I have seen a few movies, but I still need to catch up on Raid and Commando. Will definitely check them on the weekend.

  3. Raid undoubtedly tops the chart. Simply loved the superb casting and the gripping one on one between the central characters. Will watch again on zee5

  4. I have only watched gabbar is back and said out of this list. I like your suggestions and will definitely be watching others.

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