In Conversation With – Dr Monica Kapoor – Celebrity Cosmetologist

Dr Monica Kapoor, a celebrity Cosmetologist with an experience spanning over 16 yrs. She is the Director of the clinic – Flawless Cosmetic Club and her passion is to make people look flawless with the help of modern medical technologies. 
Being one of the pioneers in India for cosmetic procedures like Lasers, Plasma Therapy and Anti-Ageing treatments to name the few, she has a degree in Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging from Germany University (Greifswald) and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. She is first in the country to introduce PLASMA medicine which is the most advanced technology in aesthetic medicine. Being awarded many a times, she also works for many social causes. Today we have an up-close conversation about how Cosmetology has evolved, the role of modern medical technologies and about the future trends.

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How has the perception of cosmetology changed over the period of years?

Cosmetology or cosmetic treatments have changed drastically over the past years wherein people have become more aware of the different cosmetic procedures like skin whitening to dimple creation or facelift surgeries. Initially, it was thought that only people from high profile profession undergo these procedures, but nowadays people from CEO of the biggest company to housewives take the advantages of thaws procedures as everyone wishes to look picture perfect. Also, men have become equally aware of such procedures as women. Even common man wants to take advantage of this cosmetic science to look their best.


How has the patient dynamics evolved in the last 5 years? What are the future trends?

Patients dynamic has changed from getting simple treatments like peels or facials to getting more advanced treatments like Laser, instead of hiding baldness with wigs or patches they prefer to undergo hair transplant procedure, people undergo face lifting surgeries or procedures for that young and youthful looks. Not only celebrities demand these treatments but surprisingly many housewives come to me seeking such procedures.


What are the common concerns in the field of cosmetology from a doctor’s perspective?

Common concerns are there from doctors perspective like

  • some patients come with very high & unrealistic expectations so it’s difficult to match up to their demands.
  • medical treatments are not magic but come with certain limitations.
  • patients should know their skin type and body structure and should follow proper advice and instructions given by the Doctor.
  • sometimes I get patients who have already undergone a wrong treatment and it’s difficult to repair the problem.


What role do modern medical technologies play in the field of cosmetology?

Modern medical technologies are the future of cosmetic procedure and surgeries. They are the pillars of thaws procedures. Like a lot of surgeries nowadays are done with LASERS. Sometimes LASERS have replaced minor surgeries like mile removal or scar treatments. Robotic surgeries have a lot to offer in future in medical science. So definitely Laser, Robotic surgery, plasma medicine, cryosurgeries, HIFU, Ulthera, cryolipolysis are some of the modern technologies which have a tremendous role to play in the cosmetic industry.


What are safety and precautions one needs to consider before any usage of any modern medical technologies?

  • One should always get these procedures done by well qualified and an experienced doctor in this field.
  • Patients should always discuss all the pros and cons and what will be the final outcome properly with the Doctor before starting these treatments
  • Never try these procedures at home even though you may see many small types of equipment online or any other means. One should not fall into this trap of using it at home, it may go horribly wrong and can spoil the skin and face permanently, it should always be done under doctor’s guidance.
  • Always patients should have some patience to see the result as it takes some time to show proper results.


How do you see the field of Cosmetology evolving over the next 5 years?

Modern medical technologies are evolving every single day. Who had thought in the past that we can grow natural hair in the bald scalp or give that youthful looking face to 55 years old person. Over the coming five years I see there is lot more advancement in the cosmetic procedures with very minimal failures. Mostly all the procedures would be Robotic and computerised with lesser risk factors, less procedure time, very minimal downtime wherein patients can resume work quickly, non-surgical procedures taking over surgical ones can be expected in near future.


Being one of the pioneers in India for cosmetic procedures like Lasers, Plasma Therapy and Anti-Ageing treatments and the name behind many famous celebrities for their age-defying looks, shapely bodies and perfect smile, what is your message for my readers? 5 things they should follow for a flawless skin?

My message to your wonderful readers will be that these cosmetic treatments have come up to a very high level and we have very good treatments available in our country India. Initially, people used to go abroad for such procedures, but in turn, now people from other countries fly to me or other doctors in India seeking such treatments. So, if you are not happy about the way you look or wish to change the shape or size of any body part or want to treat those scars that you are unhappy about or desire to have dimples on your cheeks or have that face lifting procedure you can always have a consultation with me or other well-trained doctors you are comfortable with and get the procedure done. Nowadays these procedures are quite safe and affordable.

5 tips for flawless skin:

I would like to give some modern tips as everyone these days are aware of the tips they heard from their grandmothers and mothers

  1. Wash your face twice in a day to avoid clogging of your pores this way you can avoid pimples too.
  2. If one has oily skin or acne prone skin then avoid any moisturiser on the face and think twice before going for that facial.
  3. If your skin is dry always use moisturiser.
  4. One should have a cosmetic doctor and skin care expert on their list to take regular consultation for youthful and flawless looks.
  5. Always and always use sunscreen ( sun protection) according to the skin type before going out in the sun.


On a parting note, I would like to say, Cosmetic procedures are of utmost importance to almost everyone because, with the help of those procedures and surgeries, one can hide or correct the flaws like scars, uneven skin, malaligned or crooked teeth, unshapely nose or lips, bald scalp, fine lines and wrinkles or saggy skin. The awareness of such treatments has risen, but those who are unaware of such procedures should have one cosmetic and skin care expert in their list of people to have regular repair and maintenance of their face and to have a longer younger looking of themselves.



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    1. Yes its evolving every day with the need to look good factor increasing. Truly the procedures should be under the able guidance of a doctor

  1. This is one insightful conversation indeed. My sister in law is a cosmetologist and I would love to share this interview with her as well. As for a person like me, it is quite informative and the tips esply will be religiously followed. ♥️

  2. Very useful post mahek. Great. U mentioned each n every detail. And thank for the skin protection tips. I hv oily skin, should i remove moisturizer from my Skin care routine?

    1. I am glad you liked the post. These tips are in general as suggested. In case you have specific problem you should consult a cosmetologist

  3. Cosmetics is a growing industry and very relevent in today’s age and great questions asked to the expert changing attitudes and bringing treatment at the door step of Indians who have always been aware of life style & beauty. Well done.

    1. Thanks Vishal. Cosmetology indeed has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and done a lot of research myself in this field.

  4. Your blog post sort of brought more confidence in me to ahead with any cosmetic procedure ,if need be,my apprehensions were put to rest and i get the vision of how much this industry has come up in our country.great work

  5. These are some interesting tips on skin care…I do have an oily skin and yes i don’t use any moisturizer and once when i did a facial i started getting rashes on my face so off late an extra cautious about it.

  6. Loved the daily tips given by the doctor – very practical and easy to follow. Must say that she is very pretty herself :). Thank you for bringing this interview to us. Keep writing 🙂

  7. Great article capturing the interview with an expert. Good to see some candid responses from doctor which will make everyone feel better in trying some of the procedures. Will definitely share with friends.

  8. What a lovely article! I agree awareness re cosmetic procedures has increased and people are more open to getting their flaws corrected. Everyone has right to look their best and as long as the procedures are safe, there is nothing wrong in getting them done. I really like the tips provided in this article. Moisturiser and sunscreen are my favourites.

    IG :@ms_tantrum

  9. Indeed cosmetology is very popular these days. Like Dr Monica says we have to get it done from qualified practitioner only that we have to careful about

  10. It’s a like a dream to read what a celebrity cosmetic doctor has to say. Loved the general tips provided at the last.

  11. Cosmetic industry has grown so much and tye ones who wish to go for it should understand that it does comes with certain limitations, as said by Dr.Monica!

  12. Doctors know what’s best and what works for any patient. Cosmetology isn’t magic and patients must realise it. Thanks for sharing this expert’s advice with us.

  13. This was an insightful post Manisha. I have not got many cosmetology procedures done but it is good to know about them.

  14. This is a very informative post, I was not much aware of Cosmetology. It is nice to see that the field of Cosmetology has evolved a lot in recent years. Thanks for Sharing the helpful tips fro flawless skin

  15. This is a very informative and interesting interview with Dr. Monica Kapoor. It is really fascinating to see how Cosmetology has evolved into a complete science. Really liked her tips which are simple and easy to follow.

  16. Thanks for introducing Dr Kapoor to us!!
    She is looking so pretty herself and the tips provided by her are very easy to follow ,will share this to my friend who is looking for laser treatment.

  17. Cosmetology is a field I have always been interested in! Loved reading this post… I got to learn so much about modern cosmetology… Thank you!

  18. What nature didn’t give you, technology makes it possible. It was insightful to read this interview for sure.

  19. An interesting read indeed! hearing the perspective of the Doctor is definitely eye opening.
    I personally worry with cosmetology, coz as she rightly says, it a treatment goes wrong it is very difficult to fix it. and therefore, a good specialist is the absolute necessity!
    Those tips while simple and super important – thanks to doc for sharing those and reminding us!

    1. Experience always is important in any field. Cosmetology since it involves the way you look it becomes imperative. Have personally interacted with doctors and done good amount of studies in this field as part of professional commitment and have seen a lot of changes happening here.

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