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There are few serials that get you hooked on and always leave you hungry for more! 

For me, House M.D., Blindspot, Extant are few English serials which make the cut. I have binge-watched these on #AmazonPrime and the experience was awesome! 

Closer to home, #AmazonOriginal – Inside Edge was one such #OriginalSeries where I just felt like watching it forever. Awesome performances – especially from Vivek Oberoi and Richa Chadda made every episode worth the time. Even the season finale made me eager to wait for Season 2!

That’s where Amazon Originals scored in content. It made me sit up and take notice of fabulous stories, weaved through characters which grow as the story moves ahead, the interpersonal equation among the characters, background score, dialogues, beautiful visual effects, shots which give awesome viewing experience, …the list goes on! Would love to watch local stars starring in such original series. You just love it, don’t you?

So when Amazon Prime Originals came up with another thriller series – #Breathe it was tough to stay away from it! Getting a tweet from the one and only Madhavan was a fangirl moment for me. I watched the trailer and wrote my immediate opinion on it. You can read it here! The plot seemed interesting with an impressive cast.

Now as the story moves to a season finale this Friday – 23rd Feb, my heart beats for Danny (Madhavan).  Had I been in his position may have taken the similar route or maybe not. At that point, the fight is going on within you – good or bad, right or wrong, what to do next? When left with no other choice, situations and circumstances can make you take decisions that a normal or sane person cannot even think of! That’s what love for the family does to you!

Breathe – is a thriller. It teases you with its story. It makes you relate to its characters. After every episode, it leaves you with some memorable experiences as well as uncomfortable questions and moments. Questions revolving around why this and why not that or why did he do it and what is his next move and such keep occupying your mind.

The story is about Danny (magnificently played by Madhavan) desperately seeking an organ donor for his son- 6 yr. old Josh- suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Josh is No. 4 on the organ recipient list since last 12 months and has only 5-6 months left to live if he doesn’t get a lung transplant.  “Apno ko bachane ka sirf ek hi rule hota hai, ke bloody koi rule nahi hota” Madhavan informs you in the trailer. You literally see him live up to that line. To see him play a father who can go to any extent so that his son can continue to ‘breathe’ is a hair-raising experience. The scene where he tries to convince a family to donate the lungs of their dying aged father touches you. Left with little time and no access to confidential organ recipient list, Danny steals the list of organ donors who are AB -ve, plans and kills them one after other so that Josh moves up on the list of organ recipients.

His only challenge is an angry, drunken cop. Filled with the guilt of losing his daughter, a broken relationship with his wife as they head for a divorce; Amit Sadh brings tough emotions to life in almost every scene. His portrayal of a brilliant and unconventional officer Kabir Sawant of Mumbai Crime branch is impressive. He decodes the connection between these seemingly unrelated murders, identifies the common thread, works along with his go-to man sub-inspector Prakash Kamble ( Hrishikesh Joshi) and shortlists few suspects with Danny on top of his list.

The case gets personal for Kabir as he realizes that the next name on Organ donor’s list is Ria Ganguly (Kabir’s wife- played by Sapna Pabbi). Kabir takes all the required measures to keep her safe. He gets his team to trail possible suspects and takes it upon himself to guard Ria’s residence. One such night, Kabir spots Danny exiting Ria’s residence and chases him but Danny manages to escape. It reminds you of Sunny Deol chasing Shahrukh Khan in Darr. He then makes the list of all families who have AB -ve patient and are looking for an organ donor. He reaches Danny’s house to interrogate him. This is the first interaction of these two strong characters. It is superbly shot with Madhavan and Sadh doing full justice to their characters. You can sense Kabir trying his best to get some clues about Danny while Danny keeps himself guarded. After yet another murder, despite best efforts from Mumbai crime branch, Kabir interrogates Danny and hits him left, right and centre to make him confess to the murders. A bleeding Danny continues to maintain his innocence as his blind students vouch for his presence with them on the night of the murder. Some twisted evidence related to a murder (possibly planted by Danny) points towards another suspect and Kabir arrests him.

Kabir apologizes to Danny as the last episode concluded on 16th Feb and is shown to have left the city for some personal time – away from everyone.

With Kabir out of the picture, Danny now has his eyes set on his next target- Ria Ganguly! Will he kill her as well? Was it Kabir’s plan to catch Danny unaware by arresting the other suspect? Can Kabir finally catch Danny with evidence of his involvement in these murders or will Danny execute his meticulous plan and make Josh ‘breathe’? 

As the season heads to a superb finale, grab the best seats in the house and watch how the suspense unfolds. Watch it for the father torn between love for his son and his ethics as a human being. Watch it for the cop who is so near yet so far, who loves his wife but may not be around when she would need him the most. Watch it for the suspense, the acting and the conclusion of this story.

Grab the best seat in the house. You have over 48 hours to binge watch the previous episodes here and be ready for the grand finale.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!! Breathe!!

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  1. Amazing review. I just feel as if the story in running in front of me. The plot is so so interesting, thrilling. Saw the breathe promotions and girls getting messages from Maddy, but didnt expect it to be such an amazing series. Shall watch it. Thanks manisha for taking us through this amazingly.

  2. Somehow I wish Danny wins but not at the cost of the cop loosing his wife, at the same time want Danny’s son to be alive at all costs. Am so waiting for the finale love.

  3. One of the good thing with web TV is how it is proving to be a game changer for our state of television and amazed how good contents are churned for a selective audience. The story seems to be gripping and heart pounding, echoed through your review Mehek.

    1. True Vishal. Web TV is changing the viewing experience of many. People neither have the patience to watch never ending stuff and they are on a look out for stuff as per different genres. So we see a lot of newer series on various portals. 😊

  4. i will be honest, when i opened this blog, i was praying, let it be a good review ( since i am a huge fan of the series ), but to my delight it turned out so. we share the same tastes as far dr. house, inside edge and now breathe is concerned 🙂

  5. That is such an amazing review. Thanks for sharing. I will absolutely share this with my hubby. He really loves to watch this kind of movie.

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