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We are in the era of Digitalization- its created a huge impact on our daily life. Last few years we have seen a phenomenal change in the way we communicate, we have different mediums and this space is just evolving every day.

With this background, its hardly a surprise that there are a lot of minds working to get newer things for us and I wish to share my recent experience with one such App called as Sagoon App.

In brief, Sagoon is a social commerce platform that helps users build a rewarding life through social path – Connect . Share . Earn. Earn is the important word here! I am sure you are also thinking of it! A growing organisation – Sagoon App- has something new to offer us.

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Social media has become part and parcel of our life while e-commerce has brought the world closer as we can shop at our fingertips. Our needs are changing with the everchanging environment. We wish to connect and share our thoughts in some way. This App helps us with that and also gives us an opportunity to earn.

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They have 3 different features – 

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My Day: 

This feature helps you to stay more organised. You can create a new schedule/To-do list/Reminder for yourself or with your contacts.

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This not only helps you but has the option of sharing with your contacts which makes it more user-friendly with all the details in one place. Helps you to stay organised both personally and professionally.


This is a unique feature which I have seen for the 1st time in any app. So yes you can share your secrets with others. It can be related to anything as anonymous or as yourself. They have even categorised it as Business, Confessions, Entertainment, Politics, Relationships and Sports. People can view, read, like or dislike your open secrets. You can ask and get replies or share an image/video. You can also create a private secret and share with the contacts you want to.

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Mood Talk:

This is the third feature of this app wherein you can select your mood and connect with people matching your moods or group chat or just play around with the emoticons as per the mood and day.

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So my take on this app is it’s a new way to connect with people. You may sometimes feel to talk openly with all or with few contacts. You may wish to connect people as per your wish/mood and share something which this app helps you with. Additionally, it helps you stay organised. One multifunctional app helping you on various front.

Download the app here

Do download the app and share your experience too 🙂

This is a sponsored post and all reviews shared, are based my personal experience.


  1. My Day feature appears very useful; specially when one is challenged by different engagements with different set of people.
    Thanks Manisha for introducing this app.

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