Be the change this Republic Day

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With the upcoming Republic Day, some of us are happy that it’s a long weekend so we can chillax or travel, some would be excited for the Republic Day celebrations with their building friends or at school while some would enjoy the Republic Day parade on TV. Everyone has their reason to look up to it.

This Republic Day we bring you different dimensions of celebrating the big day for our country. I Thank Jyoti for sending the blog train to my station, hosted by Wigglingpen.

For most of us, we have not witnessed the Independence Revolution and the process of climbing every step to celebrate being Republic, we have just read in our textbooks. So, do we value it in the true sense? I keep on wondering and dwell deep inside my heart many a time to find some answers.

The first feeling which always pops up is that I love my country. Everything else comes then. I belong to a motherland which has rich cultural history and diversified geographies which gives me so much more than any other country. But then the big question hits me, asking me, do we value this?

We are blessed with so many cultural diversities, so we can explore and learn from them. We can enjoy and understand the reason behind each festival. Explore culinary delights of different regions and discover new travel destinations within our country itself. Some of us take benefit from it however, some use it for their own personal benefits.

We have so much in hand, but we don’t respect it. We have the so-called “chalta hai” attitude towards everything. We have complaints about our officials, but we don’t want to take any step towards changing ourselves. We can find solutions to a lot of problems by mutual co-operation. A simple thing like if we follow the rules we could avoid traffic snarls, we could keep our country clean like we keep our homes, sanitization etc. This would eventually help you, me and all. We would have a healthy environment to grow in.

We may not have witnessed the struggle to achieve a free India, but we can surely contribute to the progress of our country. I am someone like all a common man who faces similar issues still feel that joined hands gets faster results than pointing fingers. To be the change, we need to be the one to start – We are the change!

Happy Republic Day 🙂

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The train takes a departure from my station leaving all of the readers with a thought to mull over. Wish to hear from you all. Next stop is at Sugandha. Sugandha is fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger by passion and a financial analyst by profession. She believes that fashion fades but style is eternal

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  1. “Charity begins at home” an old saying but pretty impactful in today’s times also.Selfless ness and togetherness for the cause of country and society at large should be the mantra to become a strong country like :China,Germany et al.And as always as you very nicely said- “we need to be the change to bring the change”. One thing which I have been observing as a strong and welcome change is lot of talented youngsters these days are leaving good MNC Job offers to open up their own shop and trying to execute their ideas,this is really great in the path of innovation and good to see government also strongly encouraging this start ups,a very welcome change.

    1. Agree on Samarjit. Things are changing however, we still have a long road ahead which can be covered faster being together rather than walking alone 🙂

    2. Yes Samarjit, to be strong in front of the world players we need to be united, we need to put the progress of the country in front of us. I agree that lot of people are starting their own ventures I wish them success which benefits our country. I wish more ways in which our country prospers and remains the Golden Bird throughout

  2. Agree you Mahek that we dont value the freedom or its importance as much as those who fought for it. And if you ask about the next generation, it is way beyond their imagination that down the history lane, we were the country in captivity. No amount of text book knowledge helps them to bolster their love for the country. But as you said, we can bring in the necessary change, by starting with ourselves.
    Happy Republic to you dear!

    1. Yes I can understand but if we bring in small changes the GenNex will surely understand the value of it. Wishing you too a Happy republic Day dear 🙂

  3. I always have loved thei be the change you want to bring in this world!!! We are blessed to enjoy unity in diversity!
    Mera Bharat Mahaan!

  4. Loved this post, Manisha. Change cannot come unless we start with ourselves. Small accountabilities can lead to big changes. We indeed are the change!

    1. Yes, we are always waiting for others to start, if we take an initiative I am sure we will have a lot of support. We all feel the same just that part in us is dormant

  5. Very well put Mahek and Happy Republic Day. There are so many among us who ignore the constitution and we have scant regard. It starts at the root and let’s pledge to read about the Indian Constitution.

    1. Yes Vishal, we need to give it some respect and our time. If we realise the sacrifices made by our people, events and reason behind those things then we would start valuing things better and not just unecessary take situational advantage,

  6. I agree with you completely Manisha. I belong to a family of freedom fighters. I have heard stories of our freedom struggle from my great grandfather. So I value my freedom a lot. So many great men & women sacrificed their lives so that we can live freely. We need to preserve it & for that we need to be responsible citizens.

    1. Yes Aesha I am sure when you speak to your elders the words made so much impact to make you feel the struggle they had, we cant forget and should never forget that sacrifices only that would make us value things much better.

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