Some Chai-Time Gupshup – Year Gone By ☕☕


Wishing all my folks out here a Super Awesome 2⃣0⃣1⃣8⃣ year. Wishing the year brings in good health, and happiness and cuts the negativity out.


Its been long since I had a chat with all. 🙋🏻‍I know the break has been too long but I would surely work on more frequent gupshups in 2018.

With another year gone by, leaving a trail of memories of a lifetime some worth a rewind and replay while some better to be skipped. I guess we all have our moments.


2017 was a year I want to remember for all my travels ⛱⛱ – it started with one and almost ended with one. Multiple road trips, I really explored some Amazing places. I hope you enjoyed my travelogues here, there are many more to come. I really feel thankful about this as I love travelling. I discovered new facets about me too. There was a bad experience which could have proved fatal but I truly believe good things happen to good people with some lessons learnt the hard way.

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Healthwise it started on a low and ended with the same problem. An allergic cough, ya I am allergic to smoke and dust. With so much construction always on in metros, traffic and lesser green cover we breathe toxins I feel all the time. Crackers during festivals are enjoyed by many but for me its a cause of worry. This is also due to lack of open spaces in Mumbai, I feel we are only cramping in.

It was a tough health time especially for my father, he has seen through a lot last year. It was obviously hard for the whole family and I Thank God to give us strength. It’s difficult to be weak inside and not show it.


As a blogger the year gave me some moments to cherish, a lot of learnings and few accomplishments too.

🏆 I moved to a self-hosted domain for my blog. “der aaye par durust aaye

🏆 I feel proud of my Women Power Interview series. Do check it out here. 
for A – Z challenge 2017. Could learn so much from different people.

🏆 I won the Lifestyle Blog Award for #BlogRock 2017. Thanks to Ruchie from Wiggling Pen and the jury for my selection.

🏆 I was one of the Winners for Best use of videos/photos for Cashify contest on IndiBlogger.

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I met my fellow bloggers and trust me meeting them in real always helps in a better bonding.

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Thanks to blogging I also discovered some great friends like Manisha Kapoor and Anita Aunty. They liked my work and we became friends. They are my critics too. Hope to meet them soon.

My family and my hubby who supported me in the year gone by. Without you guys I am nothing.

My readers, you make me feel alive. Your follows, comments all the types of interaction is a constant motivation which I will be always grateful for.



🍹🍹🍹🍹 Cheers to a New Start.
🎀A Refresh button with new pages and dates to create a new trail worth your time.
🎀 Make it worthwhile. …………………………..This is my wish for all of us.

Love Ya 🙂

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  1. Awwww,sach me kitni up down se bhari journey hoti hai, khushi hui ki hum bhi aapke sath hain 🤗🤗
    2018 me bhi sab aur accha hoga aur aap life me aur bhi achieve karogey aur bhi success karogey 👍👍👍👍
    Glad ki humari bhi apni ek duniya hai aur hum sach me ek din jarur milengey 🤗🤗 ( waise lagta nahi hai ki hum miley nahi hain ) 😄😄

    1. Aunty apke wishes aur blessings se hamesha hamara acha hoga. I am sure sabka :)…Yes 2018 sabke acha hoga har tareke se. Lots of love 🙂

  2. you r too good 😘😘😘😘😘
    2018 will be bring more success in ur life, and hopefully we will meet 😊😊
    I’m super excited to meet u and anita aunty. Love u both.
    And ups and downs life ka ek part h wo aate rehte h, but acha ye h ki aap strong ho and sab sab face kiya. Or hum humesha apke sath rahenge. 😘😘😘😘💕💕💕

    1. Thanks Love. I know your wishes and love are with me. Wish you a super awesome year ahead. May this year bring in lots of happiness for you. 😗😗

  3. There was a lot happening it appears Manisha. All through out these highs and not so highs, I can sense a very positive soul here…one that believes that good things happen to good people! Be like this forever and I am sure you will be.
    Many congratulations to you for all the achievements! Many more to come dear.
    Wishing you a very happy, happening and healthy wealthy new year. Also wishing good health to your father.

    1. Will always try my best to be positive and I am sure it will work with so much positivity around me with friends and well wishers like yourself 💖💖. Thanks for the good wishes and support. Wishing you too a fab & fulfilling year ahead 😊😗

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