Its Always Chai time with TE-A-Me Teas 

I am a huge fan of tea or chai as we call it. My day cannot start without a good cup of garam chai. Call it an addiction but its love for me. I love to experiment with my tea and my preference always is for the hot one. In the cold one, my recent favourite has been the Bubble tea, check more details here.

Hot tea can be taken with or without milk. I prefer a concoction of Elaichi, Saunf, Pudina/Mint or Masala tea with milk while without milk it has been either Mint or Tulsi.

Recently I tried my hands on a complete green tea range by TE-A-ME teas: Purify, Renew, Restore and Uplift. Before I dole out more details on the range I want to share the reason why I picked this one up. I had heard the brand for the first time so I checked more about it before buying. The fact that caught my attention was that its unadulterated with artificial flavours and addictives and made with 100% natural ingredients and real spices.

Brewing the perfect tea is an art in itself so here are some quick steps to the perfect cuppa of green tea:

☕ Boil the water and take it in a cup.

☕ Add the tea bag and let it stay for 3-5 mins. You can cover it with a small lid if you feel like.

☕ Add honey preferably instead of sugar and best tastes without milk.


Experience: Like 😊😊 ⬅or➡ 🙁🙁  Dislike

  • ♣ The first thing that catches your attention to a good tea is its aroma. Each of these has a distinct aroma as per their flavour.
  • ♣ The next thing which one focusses on is the taste whether the flavour is original or artificially made. All the teas have a natural taste, none of them feels artificially flavoured again a plus here.
  • ♣ I have actually tasted all the teas without any honey/sugar so I could share the actual experience for you to chose as per your taste. Would recommend to please add honey/sugar for yourself  :).


Purify: Green Tea – Plain Green Tea

Blog 204 - Teame Tea - 2

This one has the goodness of natural green tea. A great anti-oxidant this one is for the people who love green tea without any additions and just honey/sugar. Without honey its a bit bitter much lesser than others for sure. Buy here

Renew: Honey Lemon Green tea

Blog 204 - Teame Tea - 3

This one is a citrusy flavoured honey green tea. You can actually feel the honey lemon aroma. Leaves you with a tangy bitter flavour without the honey so please add it as per your taste. Buy here

Restore: Tulsi Green Tea

Blog 204 - Teame Tea - 4

The aroma of this one is very soothing filled with the goodness of Tulsi and Green Tea this one feels light and refreshing. Without honey/sugar, this is hardly bitter. Buy here

Uplift: Kashmiri Kahwa

Blog 204 - Teame Tea - 5

The one I loved. I have tasted the original Kahwa which has little more ingredients than this one. However, this would give you a feel of the original. The aroma of this one is enticing maybe because I love Masala Tea. This is a spicy aromatic treat for your taste buds something which is hatke. Buy here


I explored the Green Tea of this brand

Blog 204 - Teame Tea - 6

however, it does not end there.

They have a full range of:

  • Signature Black Tea
  • Natural Green Tea
  • Aromatic Spice Tea
  • Wellness Infusions

I am sure you would go crazy if you are a tea lover like me. 

There is a special treat for my readers too I have a coupon code “MANISHA20” which can be redeemed on to avail 20% discounts on all the teas range.


I received the product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”


  1. Wow new tea range 😍😍 kashmiri kahwa name hi tempting h, 😍👌👌👌👌. Thank u introducing this 😘😘😘

  2. Ye kahwa mujhy bhi bahut attract karta hai, bas pene ka mauka hi nahi mil raha 😄😄
    Bahut acchi range hai 👍👍
    Pictures bahut acchi hain, infact dekh kar aur lalach aa gaya 😍😍

  3. That’s a nice list of teas! I love sipping my tea in winters and I first went with honey lemon, but your description of Tulsi is tempting too

  4. I am a coffee lover but this review is tempting me to try out Green tea. I guess I should try it once after dinner. I think Kashmiri Kahwa would be ideal. Thanks for the review

  5. Wow so many types of tea to choose from. This sounds great. Have not tried Kahwa before should give it a go. Also love tulsi green tea.

  6. I’m so a green tea addict. I really can’t think a day without having it. BTW this brand looks promising. Will give it a try.

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