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Hair problems are common with all of us. Oiling is recommended since generations! Remember your grandparents always advocating it to you!

The way our body needs nourishment, don’t you feel sometimes our hair needs it too?

Our current lifestyle may or may not give us the time for a good old champi. Oiling helps to give us long beautiful tresses but comes with its own set of issues. We find shortcuts – apply it and just sleep after applying it, apply it just before a shower or don’t apply it at all.

Even if we apply we leave stains of oil on our clothes, walls everywhere we move. So again, we create a mess. Complete yuck!!

I faced similar issues only to get everyone’s unwanted attention and advice. “Don’t apply oil”, “Carry this towel everywhere when you want to rest your head on the wall”, “Don’t rest on that wall. Its painted 2 months back”. I am a person who believes in the traditional way of oiling but with these constant issues popping up every now and then it made me think. Is there another option? Reluctantly I searched the internet for some help. I came across Pantene Oil Replacement therapy with Pro-V and oils. It was some time since I had tried a Pantene product. I went ahead with the purchase as it was a trusted brand, price suited me, and reviews were good.

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I have been using the product for last 15 days and I do feel the difference. I have dry and frizzy hair so untangling caused a lot of pain. I applied a walnut size amount of the creamy product on towel dried hair throughout the length of my hair. Voila! my comb went smooth. I am not exaggerating but I could not believe it myself. In 1 min I had my hair was untangled. It was non-sticky and quickly absorbs into my hair. There was no residue or sticky feeling even on my hand, unlike oil application where we have to apply oil and keep it for long then wash our hair. This was just 1 min job. Apply and done.

My hair gets the perfect nourishment of oils with added Pro V.  What else do we need?

The most preferred way to use it is post-shower. However, I sometimes use it twice. Post-shampoo I take a small amount run through the length of my hair and just rinse with water. Towel dry and use a small size again. It becomes a double conditioner for my dry frizzy hair.

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Pantene* – How to Use

Sometimes if you want to go out and want to style your hair –  just spray some water make it slightly wet apply Pantene Oil replacement therapy and wait for some time and style it. It would look great with a shine; your hair would set easily without any trace of oil.

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Pantene* – Great Formula

The biggest advantage is I am using the product in multiple ways but it’s giving nourishment and not harming my hair. Since your hair untangles easily it helps your hair breakage and you can protect your lovely tresses as well.

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A Happy Me – Thanks to Pantene !!

I received the product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”

Pic Credits: Pantene* – Amazon India


  1. awesome review. I’ll try this for sure after finish my livon.
    U look so pretty, i think our hairs look same. 😘😘👌👌

  2. I want to really try this oil replacement by pantene . Sounds and looks awesome especially for time pressed mums like me

  3. Haven’t tried it yet … but after reading ur review, will surely gonna give it a try.
    If possible do review the Khadi stuffs too 😊

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