Beauty Secrets Revealed With The Ancient Beauty Products

A flawless skin is what a girl aims for…

My endeavour has been to keep an eye on products which have natural and organic ingredients and are not chemical-based for my skin. I won’t say I have been able to achieve this 100% however if I check my stash I would have much higher percentage of such products.

I came to know about The Ancient Beauty Products by Dr Deepti Sehgal.

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With so many credits to herself, my initial reaction was very positive and I was fascinated with the company name – “The Ancient Beauty Products.” 

Their products are based on your skin type, its a complete range of products fulfilling your daily skin needs and you won’t need any other product. I have a sensitive combination skin and I exactly got products suiting to my skin. I got a guide on how to use the products with some great diet and lifestyle tips. Not to forget the lovely packaging in which the products came in.

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The products I got – 

  • The Ancient Japanese Scrub
  • The Ancient Face Wash
  • The Ancient Fairness
  • The Ancient Dew
  • The Ancient Illuminator
  • The Ancient Satin Body Scrub

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Claims – 

  • 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • No artificial colours
  • Free from chemicals & preservatives

My Skin Regime: 

I used only the products I received for a week to test the efficacy on my skin with a lip balm and nothing else.

I used Face Wash every day with rose water in the morning. You could add honey/coconut oil as suggested in the regime depending on the weather.

Face Scrub with honey worked so well, I need no other exfoliator now for my skin, its something which I have always looked out for. I used it twice a week for deep exfoliation with honey and the remaining days I used it with a rose water in evenings as a wash and mild scrub.

The Fairness, Dew and Illuminator were been used in the evening after the Face Wash/Face Scrub. So I used each product about twice a week, starting with Fairness on Mon, Dew on Tue and Illuminator on Wed then repeat. Keep it for 10-15 mins. All the 3 products can be used with water. The preference would be to use Fairness and Illuminator with milk while Dew with water/cucumber juice/papaya juice with a drop of coconut/olive oil. This would help give your skin the required hydration and keep it soft and moisturised.

I used the Satin Body Scrub with mustard oil and used it twice a week as a skin polisher.

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Experience: Like 😊😊 ⬅or➡ 🙁🙁  Dislike

🌻 As you see from the pics above, I feel refreshed post using the products.

🌻 My skin has a natural glow using the products.

🌻 I haven’t used any moisturiser for a week. However, considering the weather is turning dry day after day would recommend using milk and oil with the products.

🌻 Eco-friendly options used not only for the products but the packing too. The products come in glass jars for which can be kept easily with no damage to the product. The entire product set costs Rs 1800 but you can also purchase individual products as per your needs.

🌻 I could feel the smell of natural ingredients and no artificial fragrance.

🌻 Instead of going in for excess skin care products I would surely recommend this for everyone for a natural looking skin.


Some points to remember:

💎 You could use rose water or a toner with natural oils for the summer months while using more of milk and oil for natural hydration in winter/drier months.

💎 Don’t let the pack become too dry on your skin. Wash it off when little moist so it’s easy to remove. Don’t be harsh on your skin while removing it, be gentle.

💎 If you have tingling sensation post the wash use cold rose water it will soothe your skin immediately.


Where to Buy:

WhatsApp: +919999037689
Check my series of review on skin-friendly products – here

I received the product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”


  1. Natural looking skin and that too without any chemicals is a dream come true! I would definitely go for this!

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