Think Healthy, Keep Healthy! #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

As we are running in our life, our life’s speedometer is also running. One of the most important ways to run effectively is by keeping healthy.

Everyone has their own funda of keeping themselves healthy. You can’t match up to everyone, at the same time cant sit doing nothing as well.
When you are bootstrapped for time and want to keep up to your motto of being healthy, what do you do?
I did a simple thing – Observe.
Wondering 🤔🤔
Observations from parents – 
I observed the cooking choices of my mother which has changed over the period of time. Less oil, less salt and healthy vegetables. Being a vegetarian she keeps rotating the menu of the week so that we get variety, our taste buds are satisfied while her goal of keeping her family fit through healthy eating habits is also achieved.
Keep experimenting and innovating!
Brocolli ki Indian style sabzi ho ya dudhi ka paratha, wear your thinking hats :😎😎
Kitchen work is a big exercise in itself.
Dad has replaced snacking with fruits.
One of the main things I learnt from Masi is that never stop eating anything unless it’s essential. Eat in moderation.
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Observations from Siblings / Cousins – 
My bhabhi walks in the house instead of just sitting idle. While watching TV she would stretch out her hands to do simple exercises. Helps her to relax.
My bro will keep walking in the house while talking. He is a big fan of the Idea mobile advertisement. But actually when you are speaking for good 15 mins on phone and walking. Imagine the calories your burn? 😉😉
Blog 177 - Think Healthy Keep Healthy - 3
Some stupidity I did –
I loved dancing as a kid. While washing hands I use to look in mirror and dance. Don’t tell anyone but I used to dance like Sweety from Hum Paanch while opening the door too. I know I am no longer a kid. But who said Pappu can’t dance saala. You can dance once in a while, its a complete workout in itself.💃💃
Observations from kids  – 
Kids are always smiling. Laughter is the best therapy. It can lift you anytime. You smile at a kid and they smile back, they don’t care whether you know them or not. When they smile back you feel positive.
Blog 177 - Think Healthy Keep Healthy - 4
Additionally, you should plan your health checks in time for yourself and parents both.
If we find our ways of thinking and staying healthy, we would be able to sustain otherwise, our craze will fade away with time.🤠🤠
What’s your idea to Stay Fit?


I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.
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  1. I love how you have taken up the positives from everyone around you and figured how you can keep healthy. I love your masi most though. I cant live without my food either.

    1. hehe….me too being a North Indian you cant stop thinking about food. I am trying to get into the frame of staying healthy lets see how it works

  2. This post is cheering me since I having loads of green such as Brocolli and of course going for a strict diet since been detected with high risk cholesterol. Of course, I practice yoga but been going for health track for walk regularly.

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