#Travel Diaries – Water Sports – Goa & Malvan

Water Sports / Activities was something which was always on my radar to do. To share with all of you I am not a sports person nevertheless I like doing fun activities.

Goa and Malvan area have many options to do such water sports activities, let me share few of them with you guys.

The local people and guides mention that an enjoyable time to visit these areas are post rainy season. Rainy season they shut down all the activities. We went in summers which was fun too.



The long beaches and shacks always await people. Coupled with some water sports you can get the added flavour. The rides or activities would more or less would be the same across places it’s just the location which is different.

For Goa, I happened to come across this Explore Water Sports Website which offers you various packages which includes a variety of water based activities like Scuba diving, Sailing, Kayak, Cruise and Fishing which you can enjoy. The package is a wholesome package for long weekends including logistics, food, activities and not to forget they have an itinerary which includes shopping too.

They have options for Rishikesh too. So next long weekend you just know what needs to be done.

Head to – https://explorewatersports.com/


Sindhudurg Fort

Since we went to Sindhudurg Fort you could do water sport activities like banana rides, Jet Ski, parasailing etc near the Fort itself. Adore the panoramic view of the fort, eat to glory and then enjoy some water sports. You can plan one-day picnics with family and friends.



Tarkarli is a small village in Malvan near Sindhudurg Fort. We wanted to do Scuba diving here however, the wind & light did not support us. Generally, it happens till lunch time only, as you get good light and winds. So, plan your day accordingly. Other water activities can be done throughout the day like Parasailing, water rides and Jet Ski. You should surely enjoy the pristine beaches with white sand and clear waters. You have some tasty food options too. For sea food lovers, you have local cooked food options.


Tsunami Island

Since we had a local person along with us, he recommended us to go to this place. We chose this place to do our water activities.

During rains, the island submerges in water and it not visible. For many the Tsunami in India was a curse but for these guys it turned out to be a boon. As it was formed due to the Tsunami hence the name also.

We need to buy a ticket which includes a small boat ride which shows you the tourist spots and then takes you to the Island to do the activities. What I loved is the less crowd at this place. The water is so clear you can see the sand clearly in the water too. The white sand and blue waters seems like magic to the eyes which is a miss in the metros with all the filth we add to our waters.

We saw an Island which had trees shaped in the form of a crocodile.

Blog 171 - Water Sports - 2.jpg
Crocodile Island

You have temples to visit on the banks and other islands to visit. So, if you are staying here you can cover all of this. The locals are very helpful. The person who drove our boat gave us useful information about the place.

Post showing some of these spots from the boat. They zoom the boat in deep waters and you can enjoy getting wet and the speed while seating inside. (you cant click pictures as you are really in a different zone with all the water splashing). The Parasailing activity happens then and they take you to a place where there is confluence (Sangam) with the Arabian Sea. The waters are deep and good for the activity.

It was first time for me and I did it twice. The first time I went up I was the first one on the boat. I was scared and nervous both as we ascended. My hands were wet so I was somehow holding the belts. Honestly, I was stressed so I did not enjoy it.

With the life vest and the belts, we are well protected. I checked with the people that due to water on my hand can I wipe it in between they mentioned no worries. Second time I was more prepared and enjoyed till hilt. The ascend was much more fun and when we were up there the view, the peaceful atmosphere makes you feel on the top of the world. It’s something to be felt at least once in a lifetime. I wish to do it again and again though. You have the option of Parasailing and Parasailing with a dip in the water. In the latter option while the descend they dip you in the water.

Then we went to the Island and did Jet Ski which was fun and you really get to know the speed.

zoom zoom zoom

Post Jet Ski we did Balloon ride which was not so fast but fun. Enjoy the feeling on being on top of the water. Next was the banana ride which starts like the balloon ride and ends in water. They tilt the banana shaped boat and you are in water at the end of the ride. The water was clear so fine but salty. After this you would be surely suppa hungry so grab some tea and snacks. The rides close in evening, till there is daylight.


Blog 171 - Water Sports - 3.jpg
Banana Ride


My First Parasailing Experience:



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  1. I have visited Goa so many times but havent visited the Tsunami Island anytime. So many unexplored places in Goa. Its on my list the next time I visit. I just love going to Goa to refresh and relax.

  2. Parasailing is definitely fun. I did it for the first in Pattaya. Once in a lifetime experience. Goa is associated with all water fun. You have to brave enough to enjoy all the activities.

  3. These look like fun activities. Hey, is this Tsunami island and crocodile island close to Tarkarli? Tarkarli has been on my wishlist for quiet sometime

  4. I am planning for a trip to Goa Soon enough! And this post was extremely helpful. I tried scuba diving in my Thailand tour but this time in Goa, i plan to complete my wish list of water sports πŸ™‚ Thanks for this informative post!

  5. I don’t travel that much, but it’s nice to see the posts of others who do. πŸ™‚ A virtual travel. Loved the post, and also the pictures. Crocodile Island sounds scary if it’s only heard, and the reason not seen. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks so much Vinay. I am also scared of crocodiles. The locals called it Makar there and phirangs gave it the name of Crocodile. The beauty of nature surpasses our imagination

  6. Goa!!! The evergreen and most fascinating travel destination – not just for me but for most of the people. I had been to Goa about 4 times but still like to go even more. Nice post… enjoyed reading it.

  7. Reading well-written travel posts makes me feel like I’m actually there and experiencing the same things. This was one such posts. Am sure it was a whole lot of fun. Will try these out next time I go to Goa.

  8. This looks a superb fun place to visit, I love the water sports and would love to do the same any day. Taking all these guided destinations in my travel diaries and planning a visit soon.

  9. I love Goa. Mainly because it has something for everyone. But I have not been to the other places you have mentioned. Will definitely check out next time πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing

    Neha (Sharingourexperiences)

  10. I was in Goa once, but it was just for a night and for that reason didn’t get to explore any of the places. But the plan to go there again is still on. And you might know how this “Goa Trip” plan goes. It never comes to action. Anyhow, adding these places to the To-Visit list when and if I go to Goa.

    A well written post with a visual treat. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Manisha! This made an interesting and informative read. I really enjoyed the pictures and the video of your parasailing activity. Pretty cool! IΒ΄m sure it was a blast. Will keep coming back for more. And all the best, with your Alexa ranking. I invite you to take a look at my dayΒ΄s post at https://thetinaedit.com/. Cheers!

  12. It was interesting to read about so many different water sports around Goa! I didnt try any while I went there. πŸ™
    Now I want to go there again and try all of these water sports.

  13. Wow, the water sports look appealing. I have never been to Goa, but had enjoyed Banana ride in Alibaug once. I want to try parasailing next & would definetly plan to experience it in Goa.

  14. Wow , I visited the blog after some time and what a new great look you have got in the blog. This is a very nice article on water sports and some great suggestions too. I will definitely try them when time permits. Great going Manisha. Keep it up

  15. I did Paragliding and Jet Ski, but never tried Banana boat ride. Your post made me feel its better to visit nearby places when planning Goa trip. #MyFriendAlexa #BioscopeReads

  16. Hey!!
    I’ve been to Goa ages ago but was too scared to try any of the water sports. Guess,it’s a good reason to plan another trip now. πŸ™‚

  17. I remember my first banana boat ride. It drove me crazy but it was awesome. Water activities are always fun. Goa is a fantastic place for that πŸ˜€

  18. Adventurous sports are always fun. The helicopter ride which we went at South Africa was an thrilling yet memorable experience for us. Happy to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa! !!

  19. You know what I really wanna do water sports and all the time I went Goa in July and water sports are closed that time but I’m sure mera number aayega

  20. Sounds like a real fun trip Mahak – I have done th epara sailing in goa and enjoyed it like anything; the other activities havent been experienced as yet and I will surely try them out the next time!

  21. Loved the new look of your blog.
    It is classy now
    and coming to the post I want to go to Goa very soon now.
    Adventure are sacry first and then they become fun
    It was a great experience for you

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