Planning a Road Trip

Everyone has their own preferences for travel. For long distances, we prefer different transportation mediums like train, airways or waterways. There is always an option to travel by road but again some prefer it while some don’t.

This year I have happened to travel by road a lot. 5 road trips with 3 being more than 10 hrs with family and friends so thought let me share some useful tips while travelling through road.

Are you ready??


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Beauty outside the window…


Vehicle check:

This is the foremost and the most vital thing you need to do. If you are travelling by vehicle get all the servicing done few days in advance and the cleaning of course – inside out. Check the spare wheel and keep some equipment handy. In case you are travelling in a big car with the family like we did then get a carrier fixed with some plastic cover.


Security Measures:

Travel securely. Obviously, you would need your essentials and money to pay the toll and stuff. Keep minimal valuables and keep a small back up.

Long journeys mean you would drive in speed. This I learnt from my lovely friends Raghu and Vandana – you need to use your seat belts in the back seats too if it’s there in the car, protects you from the jerks.

Always when you stop over before beginning check the seat belts and door locks.



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With Friends who made it more memorable


Personal Stuff:

Wear comfortable clothes, very important considering if are travelling for more than 8-10 hrs. Weather conditions if it’s going to be hot or cold so choose accordingly. I feel cold in AC so generally I keep a shawl or wear a jacket to keep myself warm. Footwear also needs to be comfortable. I prefer my slip-on so I can remove them or wear them anytime.

While travelling you would face different temperatures. In summers as the day progresses heat would increase so in case, you get frequent headaches keep a scarf handy. Cover your head. If you are keeping the windows open while travelling again keep your face covered with the scarf helps you protect your hair and face from the wind especially for the girls. For monsoons keep an umbrella handy needless to say.

Keep a hand sanitizer/soaps for loo stop overs. Face wash and towel to keep yourself fresh. You could keep face wipes if you like. Sunglasses should be with you for both people who are driving and sitting.

Books / Kindle to give you company.

Stock your music essentials – need them always.

Keep some essential medications accessible like for a headache, vomiting or acidity problems.


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Weather can be unpredictable…



Carrying something to munch is pretty important. On highways, you would find eateries, however, if you carry some snacks it’s always good.

When will you enjoy your Lay’s with friends/family otherwise 😉

Water is a must. Stock it. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.

Some toffees to keep you awake 😊

Again, while travelling to Udaipur our good friends – Raghu and Vandana suggested that we carry some home cooked food. It turned to be a blessing. We had stuff for breakfast and lunch with some juices. Kept us light and easy. So full credit to them. In evening, we reached our hotel and had great dinner.


Some To- Dos:
  • Keep a torch handy.
  • Mobile charger and GPS.
  • Keep your family informed if you are travelling with friends.
  • Tissue papers/Newspapers.
  • Disposables like plates and glasses if needed.
  • Keep a bag to keep the throwaways.



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Memories for life…


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  1. Road trips r special memories for all. We can see nature through car windos, take pictures, play and sing antakshiri.
    Awesome post

  2. Good tips! I have made a small pouch of toilet and medical essentials to take with me on any trip. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be staying at 5-star hotel or a Goan shack, I always stay prepared for everything.

  3. Seems like you had a great fun with your friends. It is a good list to refer to while planning a road trip.. road trips with friends and family are always fun.

  4. Your post reminds me some of my memorable road trips with my family and friends. Roads trips are more energetic and enjoyable than train or airways. Beacuse we can stop anywhere to enjoy the weather or different places which a train or airways can’t offered 😜. But of course we have to take care more while travelling by car 🚗. Your tips are really useful and important to note down for making the road trip more memorable .

  5. Reading your post I am transported back to memory lane when my lo was 2 months old and we made a road trip from Delhi to Amritsar. These long road trips are just so awesome, you can stop over anywhere anytime, you have a beautiful view by your side, you have your personal space, you are free to chat and laugh without worrying that co-passengers might be getting disturbed. Liked going through your post.

  6. Road trips are my favourite way to travel! I just love the thrill of it and enjoy every moment on the road with my family 🙂

  7. Super handy tips. You really have covered everything in it. And made it sound so much fun! 🙂 We love doing road trips and did a few recently. I was trying to remember if we did everything on your list. 😉 Car seat is a must if you’re traveling with a baby or child but that’s a tip only for parents…lol!

  8. We are always on an impromptu Road trip. We just wake up and decide to hop on in our car and drive away to some place too often. These tips would definitely come handy next time we do this

  9. I miss road trips. I have done so many as a kid but now with limited holidays and a baby in tow we ened upo going far away and in flights 🙂 loved your list and all i could think of was have a baby seat and baby entertainement and food! loved the to do list

  10. Very practical tips Mahek – I am a big fan of road trips and use all these ideas and more to keep myself organised and alert during the drive. Checking up the car before a trip is essential; often we forget small things like water in the wiper machine or the fog lamps!! Also check that the horn is working well!! A small change purse is very handy for all the tolls and other charges one needs to pay while on the road!!

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