#Travel Diaries – Sindhudurg Fort

When you plan an impromptu trip, it can be fun as you don’t have grand expectations from it and you look forward to what’s in-store for you.

We planned one such to Sindhudurg Fort.

Sindhudurg Fort has historical importance, we had read in school but going there felt more real. We were staying at out native place so we took about 2 hrs to reach this place. Since we went in summers, we needed some headgear to protect. We took our tickets.

One thing I liked was they gave us a Jute bag to throw your waste. There were strict instructions not to throw waste stuff on the Fort. I wish we follow this and make this a rule at most of the places.

We took our small boat ride to the Fort which was huge. The ride was fun, the blue waters unlike the dark muddy waters at Mumbai was a treat to the eyes. The water was cool and it was fun playing with it and enjoying the nature till we reached the Fort. As we approached the fort we saw huge sea rocks under the water.

The Fort was not given a particular shape, it was made as per the shape of the land. This helps to break down huge waves coming from the Arabian Sea with no impact to the people living on the Fort. The stones are such that it cools and heats easily. Plus, the rocks in the sea also help to break the strong waves. The stone walls are huge.

The design of the Fort was so well thought considering those times, it emanates a feeling of pride. From far sight, you can’t determine the entrance so the enemies would just not find the way to enter. The Fort is surrounded by deep waters so this is quite vital.

The entrance is quite small so considering enemies found it, they could not get inside and were killed then and there. It’s a twisted path so you can’t get big weapons on the Fort too.

We hired a guide. We had one hour to see the Fort and so much to explore. The Fort’s construction is marvellous. 12 odd families who continue to reside there still from historic times. The land on which the Fort stands was already there.

There is a temple in the initial part which had a secret passage to get the eatables to the Fort as well as an escape route which could not be understood by enemies. Wells were constructed in a Shiv Linga shape as Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a Shiv Bhakta. Additionally, the construction was consciously done as it had dual purpose of storage plus water harvesting so continuous water supply throughout the year.

Each wall has small openings for cannon. Also, if enemies tried to enter through these opening they would have to put their head first because of small opening and they could be killed before entering. Toilets were also built for the people.

Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj hand and leg imprints have been engraved on a stone and saved.

The view when you stand and see the sea can only be felt and experiences. The sound of waves, the cool breeze with the bright hot sun. It was worth visiting and learning so much about the place.  It left me thinking that how intelligent and visionary our kings were. You could also enjoy doing water sports near the Fort like Parasailing and rides and all.


Going There:
  • Nearest Airport is Dabolim Airport, Goa. Malvan Airport is under construction, soon you would have that facility available too.
  • From Mumbai, it is a 10+ hrs road travel more than 450kms.
  • There is Sindhudurg railway station so you could travel by train as well.



  • Situated in Malvan it is a place for sea food lovers. Being a vegetarian, I was not disheartened as I got good home cooked food.
  • If you like modak then check out you find a lot of home cooked modaks.


Things to Remember:
  • In summers do carry water and headgear to cover yourself especially kids. You have small shops throughout selling these items.
  • At the entrance, you need to pay Rs. 100 for a Jute bag to carry all your waste items back. The amount is given back to you once back. Do not litter on the Fort. I feel we should encourage this everywhere.
  • Wooden toys should surely be checked out.
  • Keep a note of your boat number, you need to go back in the same.


Click to view my Vlog:


Water Sports is fun activity and I have been wanting to do it since ages.

Check my next blog post for more on this…


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  1. We visit Goa often but have never been to this Fort. Love love your review and observations, it’s like I am there with you seeing all the sights and experiencing the place

    Definitely marking this place for our next trip.

  2. loved the way you have reviewed the place Manisha, the video has added extra flavour to your post. Seems like a lot of heat if we were to walk out there especially in summer. WIll keep in my bucket list

  3. Nice video! Was wondering why there were no photos till I got to the end 🙂 Do feel photos would have helped while reading. Also if you mentioned early on where it is, so I can plan a trip too!

    1. Wanted to share my experience through video. But surely would keep in mind to add pics as well. Thanks. Did not get you on the last point, please explain thanks 🙂

  4. I have heard quite a bit about Sindhudurg fort but yet to visit. In fact, I have never been to any fort built by Shivaji. I’m sure there must be some strategy in selection of site and design in all forts built under Shivaji.

    Families living inside fort for centuries? well that’s new for me! Thanks for this lovely post Mahek.

  5. Looks like a nice peaceful little getaway for the weekend. Quite liked the idea of using jute bags to throw the waste which surely sounds like a rarity in India.

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