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I am a foodie, a lot of us are. Food is something which none of us can survive without. In India, with every season we have something new to look forward to. Yes, in metros you do get some delicious food all season, however, a mango is the king of the summers while jamun is best found in monsoons. 

Have you ever wondered what tickles your taste buds the most?

The fresh fruit juice prepared in front of you or the packaged juice?

The chole kulche of a local vendor or some fancy chain of hotels.

Is the lassi from a local milk vendor the yummiest or the packaged one?

Local bhel puri with raw mango or the one from a high-end place which has no taste?

The local by lanes of any place have hidden treasures to good food. Some things which we aren’t aware of or something which we feel is good but still, doubt. The first access for anything to eat is actually something which is local. It reaches us easily. We often doubt whether the local stuff we get is worth a buy or of good quality and many such questions. Surrounded by these questions we go for fancy stuff. Also, there is a problem that our local vendors are sometimes forced to relocate due to some reason. Then again we are left in a lurch. The best sabudana can be made locally by those who have the know-how, since it’s the talent or recipes shared from one generation of the family to another. That’s why, though we have so many cake shops, it is still the India Rawa cake which is most eaten.

This place in Surat has the most amazing thick shakes. I became a big fan from my very first experience there. People queue up till late evening just to have a full glass or perhaps share one with friends. It’s yummy in the tummy.

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While this is the world best dosa at Vile Parle West. A roadside vendor who makes the sinful Ginni dosa and many other mind-blowing varieties.

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This season why don’t we explore local vendors and places, and we may find hidden treasures – may be the best jamun lassi or the best mango shake, best chole kulcha or chaat. To help you better we have an app – NOUNS – The Food Social, where you can find and share food indulgences for different locations whether they are roadside food experiences or gourmet meals.

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Download the app from play store by clicking on this link – NOUNS

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  1. I went to khao gali ( ghat kopar) where i ate dosa in lots of variety. Its too delicious.
    I love mumbai food..

      1. Patodi, misal paav, paav bhaaji, poha chana, ye kuch hain jo log bahut pasand se khaatey hain aur humari building k paas samosa wala hai 👌👌 aao to khilati hu😊

  2. Hearing for the first time about NOUNS – The Food Social app. Is it available even in Bangalore

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