Ghosts – one subject which has always left me curious. My friends left no stone unturned in getting me inquisitive as well as scared on this subject. One friend use to tell me stories of ghosts while, other used to share plain chit experiences with her cousins.

Also, my favourite History teacher used to share stories however, she always warned us not to indulge in any stupid activities as it can harm us. Somehow the subject always fascinated me. Me and my class partner who was an expert in plain chit decided to call a ghost in recess time. Things were ready but just as we were about to begin, another classmate saw us. He got scared and said would complaint about us, as kids’ complaint to a teacher was enough to scare us more. We left it.

Ghosts can be scary and funny too, I hope most of us must have watched Hum Paanch as kids’. The photo hanging on the wall and when Ashok Saraf keeps talking to his first wife. It was funny.

Adda Times has come up with a web series launched this weekend revolving around two super broke boys and their tryst with a super sexy woman. The only problem? She’s a Ghost of an iconic Cabaret dancer of the 60’s!

Sounds fun!!

Dance and Romance with a ghost + Bromance comedy =  Good Entertainment Masala
Dostana with Ghost so the series is named Ghostana 😉 😉


You can watch the first webisode here:



The first episode looks interesting and look forward to more…


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  1. Wow! I cannot watch horror stories as I get spooked fairly easy. It’s surprising since I grew up reading R.L.Stein. Nonetheless, this one is comedy series and I’ll definitely check it out. I once wrote a short story “Be My Guest” as part of BlogChatter prompt. If you stumble on my blog, do check it out and let me know your thoughts on it. 🙂

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