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Food is essential to survive while, cooking is an art is what I feel…

As a child, I have seen my grandmother and mother cook in the kitchen, I wasn’t so fond of it. I wish to admit the only time I felt like enthusiastically doing something was when I saw Khana Khazana on Zee TV. For me, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has influenced a lot in my cooking habits. I not only learned some basics but also various dishes which I never knew. An invitation for a blogger’s meet for Wonderchef got me excited. I have loved their products because of the colourful range which no other brand has honestly. Plus they look classic and who doesn’t love quality products.

Going to the meet was a platform, to know more about this wonderful brand straight from Mr. Ravi Saxena – Managing Director & Co-founder. True experiences of success and failure can be learnt from a person who built the brand from scratch. With the current wave of cold pressed juices reigning the market, they had already launched cold pressed juicers 3-4 yrs. back. With state-of-the-art products such as Gas stove oven cum tandoor, automatic bread maker, they have been the pioneers of innovative cookware and appliances. Thinking ahead of times, renovating it to keep the consumers in mind both in terms of application and safety and meeting the requirements has been the ideology which they boast about.


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We were invited to witness the unveiling of one such high-quality product the #20secwonder Nutri-blend on 15th of this month at their outlet in R-City Mall – Ghatkopar.


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✔ Nutri-blend is a blender as well as a grinder as in our country a grinder is a must. It has a revolutionary speed of 22000 rpm, unlike a normal mixer grinder which is 13000-14000 rpm, a compact size to fit in our compact kitchens in an array of 5 colours.

✔ It has 400 W super-fast motor for blending and grinding in seconds.

✔ Comes with 2 separate blades for grinding and blending. With short, long and a mixing jar as well.

✔ It’s skid proof. All parts are detachable for easy cleaning.

✔ Reliable 2 years warranty.

🔮No wonder they call it – #20secwonder.🔮


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The event coverage:




Wonderchef created by 2 enthusiasts, Mr. Ravi Saxena and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor in 2009 is keeping their belief in the kitchen being the “heart of the home” as it inspires us to create lasting memories with the food we cook for our loved ones. Their entire range is the perfect blend of health, taste and convenience – modern solutions for today’s woman.


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@zarahatkeblog – With Mr. Ravi Saxena – Managing Director & Co-Founder – Wonderchef


I am glad to be a part of their journey in some way, it was an enriching experience. It would have been incomplete with the masti and dhamaal with my fellow bloggers. It’s always fun to meet the people behind so many lovely blogs.

It’s selfie time…😀😊😉😎

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…………thanks to Ruchi Verma for being the awesome photographer capturing these lovely smiles 👭👭


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  1. Oh I hate cooking and only do it when I have to. So I could surely use something like this which makes the process faster. Plus it looks quite compact. Is it actually that compact? Suitable for a small kitchen? And what’s the price?

  2. This event looks fun and seems you all had a great time. I love gadgets which makes cooking easy, will check out about this product soon .

  3. Wow this blender is really cool and compact and suitable for our small kitchens. I am very lazy types in cooking. Dnt like to make food but with this cooking can be easier.

  4. I love how colourful all the kitchen equipment is. If that doesn’t inspire one to get into the kitchen and cook, I don’t know what will. As for the nutriblender, it sounds like a wonderful product. I am willing to try this out!

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