We have a new launch this Valentine Month…

Go and Say Box has just launched in the month of February. So let’s check out what do we have in store for us.

Their aim is to deliver 4 Full-Size Natural Cruelty-free products at your doorstep. They believe in Ingredient Conscious beauty. When you pamper your skin with the best then you feel on the top.

I am excited about the launch. I love their belief so…

Let’s get started…

โ–ถ Biobloom Jasmine Face Mist – โšœ Full Size (50ml) – ๐Ÿ’ฒ Rs 250/-

Natural Jasmine Face Mist Spray offers hydration and a beautiful soothing aroma for your senses. A punch of antioxidants to keep your skin moisturised, keep looking fresh all day long.

Hold the mist 5 – 6 inches away from your face and spray with your eyes closed. Let it sit for a minute or so and then blot off the excess with a clean tissue or towel.

Keep it handy in your purse always and spray it whenever your skin feels dull and stay fresh.


โ–ถ Biobloom Lavender Hand and Body Lotion – โšœ Full Size (100 ml) – ๐Ÿ’ฒ Rs 350/-

Creams and Lotions in the dry months are something with which I can’t survive. I empty bottles because I have a very dry skin during winters.

This hand and body lotion will keep your skin moisturised for long periods, suits all skin types.

A good mix of Vitamin E and Lavender.

Apply to your skin and rub in circular motion. Don’t forget your elbows and knees. Apply twice at least and re-apply as needed.


โ–ถFuschia Lip Balm – Strawberry Passion –ย โšœ Full Size (8 gm) – ๐Ÿ’ฒ Rs 225/-

This strawberry bomb is portable and easy to carry with you. Keep your lips hydrated with this always.

Additionally, you can use it on your cuticles and elbows or dry skin patch.

Apply to lips and skin directly and remain hydrated.


โ–ถ Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream – โšœ Full Size (100 gm) – ๐Ÿ’ฒ Rs 450/-

I have already reviewed this product on my blog – Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream


Also, received a free giftย  – a lovely eye mask.
Products worth Rs. 1275 and cost of the box is Rs. 799

Blog 101 - GoandSay Box - Feb17 - 1.jpg


Check my Unboxing Video and the products:

Some Discount Coupon Codes:

โ™ฆ Biobloom: There is 15% discount coupon code until April 2017 @ shopping.biobloomonline.com – “BiobloomGoSay15”


order @ http://www.goandsay.com

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