Break from Routine…

When you don’t have time for yourself…

When you are bound in limitations…

Break away!


What does a break mean for anyone? A small getaway on the weekend or a week-long holiday to a dream destination. Generally, that’s how we define break. That’s how much leave we get generally. Has anyone lodged themselves in a luxury hotel within the same city for a break? I think most of us would call it madness, however, trust me I have done it. I don’t regret it a bit.

Somehow my plans don’t work always. You need short breaks to keep up your momentum. Life is about reinventing and rejuvenating yourself from time to time. Call it my luck or destiny whenever, I plan, something or the other goes for a toss. Instead of regretting and shutting myself down, I thought let’s pamper myself in some luxury. Yes, I booked myself in ITC Maratha for a night.

ITC Maratha is located near International Airport, Mumbai. Away from the hustle bustle of my routine life. I packed my bags with some snacks. Come on we all know 5-star snacks can be very expensive 😉😉😉. I have been to ITC Maratha for some business conferences and always loved the architecture. You really feel grand going to such places, feels like a princess. I am in some way fascinated with all palaces. I love the way they are built, the look and feeling they give. You feel grand. Luckily, In India, we are blessed with so many different ones each with their own unique style and beauty.

We can’t stay there, though. Coming back, it was my turn to indulge and pamper. I reached my holiday home for a day. Entering in my palace, immediately lifted my mood and I forgot about my failed plan. Heading straight to the reception to get my keys. I completed the formalities and entered my room and just lay on the soft bed. The room and its ambience were great and as expected. I just let it sink in for 10-15mins and since lunch time was nearing, thoughts of food started creeping in my mind.

I picked up the in room service details and ordered a Veg Biryani which I like with some curd and pickle. The view from the room was also good. I just switched on the television and enjoyed my meal. After relishing some great food, you do feel sleepy but I wanted to further pamper myself with some spa. So I kept an alarm after 45mins and took a small nap.

After the nap, headed to the spa. Refreshed and re-energized. I took a stroll in the garden and near the pool. The rustling of the leaves and the cool breeze relaxed my senses further. I went to my room ordered again a sumptuous meal. While the meal came I took a warm bath.

Honestly, anyone would think all this could be done being at home. Sometimes it’s the entire experience which makes the difference. It’s not always possible to pamper yourselves, don’t leave a chance when you have got it.

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This is a special post as this marks my century, yes it’s my 100th post.



  1. Firstly congrats on the century!! I totally vouch for such breaks! Just getting away from routine surroundings, does wonders to your mind and body! Glad you had a relaxing time!

  2. Well, I have seen Robin Sharma, tye leadership guru, follow this habit as a ritual, to write his books, and he always stay at the lavish hotels because there, his creativity gets a boost, and I hope the same for you 😊

    Nice post and thank you for making my blog link 😊

  3. Hey..congrats manisha on completing the century. I never tried taking such break in the same city but it seems to me a lovely idea. Hopefully, I will try that out soon. I love the cozy bed of 5 stars 😝

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