I Wish I were…

I Wish I was a time machine,

….. I could travel time and see the mysteries unfold

Blog 82 - I Wish I were - 1.jpg


I Wish I was Harry Potter

….. I could visit the magical world of Hogwarts

Blog 82 - I Wish I were - 2.jpg


I Wish I was Baloo and Pooh,

….. I would be the cutest and the most loved


I Wish I was Lord Krishna’s flute,

….. I could play the most melodious tune of all

Blog 82 - I Wish I were - 5.jpg


I Wish I was a fairy,

….. I could fulfill wishes of all

Blog 82 - I Wish I were - 6.jpg


I Wish I was smile,

….. I could bring happiness always

Blog 82 - I Wish I were - 7.jpg


I Wish I was prayers,

….. I could do good to all and stand for all

Blog 82 - I Wish I were - 8.jpg


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Written for –  Blogchatter’s  Prompt – I wish I were

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  1. I would love to be krishna’s flute like how Richa and you would want to be.
    Being harry potter is cool too! 😉

  2. This prompt has really let our imagination loose right? I love that everyone writing on this prompt is dreaming and wishing and hoping . you wishlist was pretty dreamy too and esp with the snowflakes effect on your page I felt so happy reading it

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