#Book Review: The Peshwa – The Lion and the Stallion

The smell of a book is magic…

The year started with one of the biggest magnum opus about Bajirao Peshwa and his love interest Mastani. Bajirao has been a great warrior so loved the film.
History has always intrigued me. So I have this wish to find out all the history what has happened in details.
While, picking some new books saw a book  – ‘The Peshwa – The Lion and the Stallion’. I always have this urge to know more and also the movie impact made me go and pick up this one.
“He died as he lived, in camp under canvas among his men, and he remembered to this day among the Marathas as the Fighting Peshwa and the incarnation of Hindu energy —- Sir Richard Carnac Temple (1850-1931), English Historian
To start a book with this you can imagine the beautiful canvas which the writer has painted through the book.
To atone, Balaji showered all his efforts and love on his first son. Despite boyish features characteristic of a lad of eighteen, Bajirao was known amongst his military educators and mentors as a ferocious and highly skilled fighter.
An enigma, a ferocious fighter, a family person what’s your take on this historic personality?
The disastrous defeat of the Mughal armies at Bhopal, the shaming of the Empire’s vazir, and the unintended release of a man called Ismail Khan Bangash would compel her future to inevitably interwine itself with the life course of a man she had barely heard of until then – Bajirao Bhat.
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About the author: Ram Sivasankaran

Born in Madras with most of his life spent abroad in Middle East and USA. He was brought up on stories from Hindu legend and the great epics and classics of both India and the West. He built a keen interest in stories of valour, heroism, chivalry, beauty and romance so here is one for you to read.

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  1. I too read this book last year and had reviewed it. I like to read period novels and this was a good read. I like the way quoted the dialogues in the post. Good one!😊

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