#Product Review: Banjara Skin+ve Beauty Cream Review

The pack starts with a great line – switch to Banjara’s Skin +ve Beauty Cream and move to a positive world – where you wear your skin with pride.

So I am reviewing this product today as you have guessed already.


Let’s first see what the product claims are:

  • Adds to natural beauty by making it healthy, youthful and flawless
  • Enriched with pomegranate which accelerates skin repair process, helps to firm up & tight the skin to preserve its youth
  • Olive oil, wheat germ oil and Provitamin B5 which helps in building elasticity and hydration for a smoother, younger looking skin
  • SPF15 & PA++ for the skin protection

Hmm… so you must have got a clue of the key ingredients by now.

Overall it says a skin cream that works 3 ways:

  • Protects
  • Repair
  • Hydrates

So let’s begin, the cream has a pinkish tone considering that it has pomegranate. It has a fruity kind of fragrance. It has quick absorption and no oily feeling post application. A small pea size quantity is good enough. I don’t like sticky creams. This cream doesn’t give you that oily and sticky feeling throughout the day so much. I prefer creams with natural ingredients. It’s a good cream for daily use but nothing is so exceptional considering the ingredients.

For better results, you could use it twice a day.


The packaging is pretty good. I have 20g pack which is travel friendly. It won’t spill as well. Personally, I liked the packing. It’s a tube, easy to use & to clean as well. The quantity should be fine for a month. The price is also decent Rs 50 for 20gm. It has 3 years of shelf life.


  • Good for daily use if no specific skin problem
  • Packaging is really great
  • No oily effect
  • Price
  • Good sun protection


  • The fragrance is fine. Post application you get the oil like smell for 2 secs which I did not like personally.
  • It has a good combination of ingredients but does not have any magical effect.

Overall, not bad for daily use.

You could check the product and buy @ http://banjaras.co.in. You could check other products from the company.

If you have used the product then do share your feedback with me.

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Take Care.


    1. Ya Rajlakshmi. Its a new company called Banjara. They have few products but all herbal formulations. I am almost over with the cream now. Lasted me for a good period.

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