Ganu Bappa is Here!

Post New Year we have few key Hindu festivals till April like Mahashivratri, Holi, and some more.. Then there is a gap. For working class this becomes the boring months from Mid-April to August. I think a lot of people will agree with me here. This period of no holiday sucks. If I am not wrong then after this gap the first holiday which comes is our Independence Day. Shravan as per the Hindu calendar commences around August opening the gates of non-stop festivities till Diwali.

Shravan is the holy month wherein we pray to Lord Shiva. The end of which marks the coming of our beloved Ganpati Bappa! As a child living in Mumbai I was always fascinated by this festival. The love began when we celebrated this festival in our society for the first time. In the boring routines of school every day I used to await the ringing of bell by the kids and watchman for the evening Aarti. Different families in the society used to get home made Prasad and my mum also used to keep some yummy ones. We used to attend the Aarti and speak to friends and come together as one big family. During weekends attending the afternoon Aarti sitting together, every moment was memorable. There were programmes like fancy dress and dance which we used to prepare for and have fun. Changing from the fancy dress to the dance was a task.


Visiting the pandals is so much fun. Worked in Pune in the beginning of my career I saw the pandals out there which were theme based but different than Mumbai. In Mumbai every nook and corner we have have different pandals and so many friends to visit to during this time. Originally it was celebrated within the family. During the Independence Era, Lokmanya Tilak came up with the concept of Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav. The festival now has spread across India.

During my childhood I always had a wish to keep Ganpati at home. I used to visualise how I will place it and how I would decorate it. Post marriage I celebrated it at home last year and it was very special. I missed my parents. It was a difference experience, right from booking the Moorti, bringing it home and celebrating for 1 ½ days. I don’t have words to describe it.


I am already excited with the upcoming festival. I don’t have any big plans, just the fact of reliving the entire experience again. Having Ganu Bappa at home again is so much fun. I take this opportunity to invite you for this auspicious occasion at my home and take Ganu Bappa Darshan and Blessings.


I pray that this festival marks the beginning of happy moments Lord Vighnaharta brings in good luck, happiness, prosperity, love, great health and blessings. May with his Blessings all the vighna get out of everyone life. We have peace and happiness within.


Love & God Bless

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Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and I knowingly or unknowingly if I have hurt any sentiments then I regret the inconvenience. If any information provided is incorrect regret the same it’s as per my understanding and completely unintentional.


  1. I have never had the chance to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, ever! Let’s see if I can do that next year. Hoping Gannu Bappa is hearing me out. 🙂

  2. Those are really some lovely pics and am sure Ganesh Chaturthi like any other big festival is a great time to meet friends, family and others :). I was there in Pune for 2 years and saw the lovely celebrations with my own eyes. But one thing which actually I always wonder is why during Ganpati songs like Chikni Chameli, Sheela Ki Jawani etc. are always played. As in has this been the modernization of this festival in the last few years? And is the case in Mumbai as well or maybe only in Pune?

    1. Check my post of Friday for sure. Will look forward for your feedback on it. With respect to songs just hate it, I think people keep themselves first. Songs, Boards of sponsors its the same case here.

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