Why do we judge a book by its cover?

We see something and before anything we pass our verdict. How many times has it happened to you?

Judge 2

We always say first impression is the last impression, am I right? But are you sure that this is the ultimate truth of life. I think no. We don’t know when we see someone for the first time how good or how bad the person is. We also say looks are deceptive so honestly, every moment has a backdrop to it and I think no one has given us the right to make judgements without knowing that backdrop.

Every sec we move we are under the microscope. There are known and unknown faces making some judgements about us. When unknown faces make judgements it doesn’t affect us. At the same time when you are under the scanner of a known one it makes a difference. Let’s acknowledge one more fact, small or big difference depends on person to person but, farak to padta hai boss. Life is an exam but we can’t get A+ always there won’t be any fun left otherwise. You fall, you get up. That’s how you learn. Life is about learning, about growing together. Don’t have preconceived notions, life will be tougher.

Judge 1

I am not saying I am great and haven’t made mistakes. I have learnt a lot from friends and family members. There were times that I could not meet friends due to personal or official commitments. I used to feel I am letting them down. 9 out of 10 times I was unable to meet them. They did get annoyed with me but they did not judge me. They understood the reason and helped me in whatever way they could. I could not make it to family functions due to school or office engagements. My family supported me; they understood I am feeling equally bad.  I always missed my friends and family more during such times. If during such times my loved ones judged me only by cover without understanding me, I would not be standing here. They made a difference. When I have to make a judgement I keep this background in my mind. Today, if a friend or family member is not able to meet for example I won’t pass judgements because, I had been in similar situations and I can relate and understand. I would wait to know the reason rather than just passing remarks.

Judge 3

Let’s just start utilizing our thoughts and efforts in helping each other. If I have done a mistake help me to grow rather than sitting and making comments. No one is born perfect neither am I nor are you, so stop pointing fingers. No one is perfect here. Mistakes happen it’s not in our hands but solutions can always be worked together.

Life is too short to hold grievances in our bags.. We already have the weight of lot of other stuff. Remember good comes back in a good way! Keep it light and easy 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝



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  1. Totally with you on this. Judging a person doesn’t say much of the other person than it does of you. I’ve learned from my personal experiences and I’m glad I did. It is so much better when you don’t have preconceived notions about people or things. Isn’t it?
    “Lets throw positive thoughts around like confetti!”

    1. Thanks …I completely love what you said “Lets throw positive thoughts around like confetti!”
      We all are good and bad at things that’s what makes us human… we should accept and make life a better place with working on the strengths.

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