#Travel Diaries – Expressway… driving down the memory lane

Expressway, one of the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Pune. When it started it changed the way people travelled and today itโ€™s become part and parcel of our lives. Itโ€™s given!

So many memories associated with it and today travelling on the way after good 3.5 years brings backs those memories, some precious moments.

My first job being in Pune, travelling on this way was like ghar ki baat. Every week coming up and down from Mumbai I have seen it the dried spell during summers and beauty of the rain. Rain meant green lush mountains with waterfalls around and mind blowing breeze.

Every time I passed the way during rains I used to click pics and the sight was so pleasant & soothing that all the stress of the week use to pass by. I had almost 200+ pics of which I would just be left with few now.

We used to go travel on Monday mornings and return on Saturday for the weekend. The travel back was always fun. We used to skip our lunch and have something sitting in the car and enjoy with the surroundings.

Another first through this way was to visit during the rains to Khopoli with office people. The travel, sitting on the rocks chatting away to glory with close friends, having adrak ki chai and vada pav was just wonderful.

The awesome rains @Expressway – @zarahatkeblog

Last but not the least was also my first trip with my close friends alone. A bunch of 4 we had an awesome time. Visiting the wax museum, simple food, having the yummy jujubes and choclate fudge at Lonavla and ending the day with vada pav with mirchi. Relishing homemade poha followed by a good darshan at Shri Dagdusheth Maharaj temple.

A lot of firsts for sure. Some memories are etched in your mind forever and whenever I travel by expressway I will always remember and cherish those moments. Expressway hope to see you soon!

Lovely shades of sky – @Expressway – @zarahatkeblog

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  1. Hey Mahek! I was searching for a category of your posts I’d like to read and noticed that you haven’t added anything much in your widgets. You should make your tags and categories visible and also give an option of monthly archive of your posts so that people could pick posts of their interest to read. Also, make a visible ‘About me’ page (didn’t find one) so that readers could know more about you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Being in Pune for 4 years i know how it feels as my HO was in Mumbai and I had some of my friends and relatives staying in Mumbai. I have memories of driving in the rain and making it to Pune from Mumbai in exactly 2 hours and so so many memories

  3. E been travelling on the Mumbai Pune Expressway since about 2002/3. A lot has changed. It used to be lush green with paddy fields on either side. Now it’s just industry and industry followed by ‘townships’, just empty homes sold to increase your wealth, gone are the quaint villages. Gone is the beautiful Gulmohar tree which used to bend over the road with its flush of red. Gone are the bales of hay that would lie rolled up after a good harvest. All you have is construction debris and roads cut into the flesh of these gorgeous hills. And at night, where once fire flies danced around, the bright city lights now hurt your eyes. We have lost this beautiful stretch too. Just as we keep losing more of our scenic wonders.

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