The Ramayana Connect

Hopefully most of us have heard about Ramayana and know what it is all about. There have been many TV programmes, animated films and books on Ramayana.
There is something about Ramayana which connects every time I watch it. You can never get enough of it. As rightly said,

Sita Ram charit ati pawan, madhur saras anuwate mann bhawan,

puni puni kitne ho sune sunawe deh ki pyas bhujat na bhujawe..
Kitne baar bhi suno your heart still can’t get enough of it.

Every time you watch you revisit what you have learned and still learn something new. It’s about how Lord Ram and Mata Sita led a life like any human should do in their capacities what they have. They wanted to show us path. Their ideals may or may not be difficult to follow which depends frankly on lot of things and I am not dwelling deep on that. But we always learn and find peace in some way by connecting to Ramayana through whatever way.

Recently a new series has started called as Siya ke Ram. I thought that it would be great to see Ramayana from a different perspective. The series has just started so the journey has just begun. However, with 72 episodes by far I am still impressed with so many things about it.

Mata Sita asks question throughout her childhood which is been answered with truth. It is not been manipulated but said in a way in which the child learns and understands.

The right to learn is not restricted from any one guru but the different viewpoints are appreciated and respected. Really impressed with the way Maharishi Yajnavalkya and Mata Gargi Vachaknavi have been shown. Mata has her own views which are strong and even rebellious for some but it is not being rebuked at but, appreciated by Maharishi Yajnavalkya and Maharishi Janaka during a philosophic debate organized by Maharishi Janaka.

Be it Maharaj or the daughters it doesn’t stop them to going to basics and work hard themselves. To respect any work, any individual and remain grounded is something which will always be apt for anytime.

On the other hand, Lord Ram makes efforts in saving animals, believes in equality by giving a platform to all classes alike or treating men and women at par. The way the Swayamvar was depicted was beautiful.

I am no philosophical or mythological expounder, just an ordinary person who is trying to learn new things. Lot of answers can be found in our mythological texts. Life is about learning and re-learning.

Happy Learning J



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