Loneliness – Discover your path or The Silent Killer

There may be various definitions for Loneliness in normal or psychological terms. I would term it as being alone for simplicity sake. This generally would resonate a negative feeling but could have a positive side too.

There could be various reasons for being alone. It could be situational or chosen by oneself. It could be for some time or long periods. If it’s a situational one then it can be really hard for the person at some moments before the person gets used to of it. If it’s chosen still it could be difficult depending on the situations. You learn to cope up with it, majorly because you have to.

Since loneliness mostly resonates a negative feeling, let’s dwell on the negative side of it first. In this age of nuclear families loneliness creeps in many forms within the family. Old aged parents or grandparents living alone. Even if they stay with their younger ones, most of the younger lot would be working so they would remain home alone. If husband and wife both are working its fine else if one is home due to some reason, again similar issues when you don’t have your senior family members around. It could also be that you are staying alone due to work commitments or educational purposes. Loneliness comes even for people who are working at senior positions because you don’t have a choice these days. There could be loneliness in any relationship even if you are surrounded by people. Joint family did have an advantage at least for people staying at home; there was company to do many things together. For old aged parents or grandparents security was there and company was there which they deserve in that age. We do find friends, neighbors or groups being alone because we need company. Still that creepy feeling sometimes is there with us because you cannot always be surrounded by people, right? This feeling if not handled well can lead to depression which may lead to a lot of issues. It can be really harmful.

You are alive to live each day and not to die silently every day. I know it’s easier said than done. We are humans with emotions. We may or may or not be able to get away with loneliness but we can help for sure. We always can do our bit. If we have old aged parents and grandparents and we are unable to live with them. We can surely be in continuous touch with them. We should also keep in mind that we should pick up their phones or make sure to give a call back. We can’t prevent their old age or associated problems but we can reassure them that we are present. We can try and ensure that their environment is secure and meet them frequently. For people who are alone because of work assignments or educational purposes should be in touch with friends and family. We can’t take home everywhere but being in touch can help us reliving our memories and give us happiness and keep the lonely feeling at bay. For relationships also where loneliness has crept in despite being surrounded by people, they need to find the reasons and give time for each other. It can be a husband – wife or a parent – child whatever may be the case. In today’s age, time & love can do wonders, some basics which we forget. We aspire to work at senior positions but that should not stop us to be friendly with our colleagues be it juniors or seniors. We can also balance it by having a good family life and friend circle. Life is unpredictable and if we can help each other that’s the best help.

Loneliness has a negative side but it can help us discover our hidden talents. We could discover more about ourselves and spend time with ourselves. We can discover newer hobbies which we can pursue. It gives us time to think, some moments of solace, which in the fast running life we don’t dwell upon.

Life is about learning and relearning, helping each other and growing together. We need to move forward to discover our path and don’t deserve a silent killer for sure.

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