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Styling Tips for Men’s Shirts for 6 Different Occasions 

“What to wear,” is no longer the question ringing in every girl’s mind when stepping out but also in every guy’s mind. Gone are the days when designer wear was largely women-centric; men are equally or sometimes more conscious of what they wear. Yes, men are following the suite of trends and want to be best suited for every occasion. With this increase in self-conscious awareness, there has been an increase in men investing in designer wear collections in the last few years.  

Shirts were a go-to option for men. Earlier they were largely categorized as formal and casual, which is still applicable currently. However, what suits per occasion, and how to style these shirts is something that has changed, or you can say the emphasis has increased. 

When it comes to Men’s Designer Shirts my favorite shopping destination – is Pernia’s Popshop. Their collection of designer wear is huge, and you can shop at ease on their website. Currently, they have Collars & Cuffs, which is a campaign running on their website that makes it easier for you to check out their shirt collection. Of course, you can drop in at their outlets as well. I have always received compliments whenever I have picked up an outfit for any occasion, it tends to stand out making it a worthy choice. 

Planning an outfit to fit on any occasion can be a daunting task for anyone so to ease things out I have shared a few styling tips and picks for Men’s Shirts as per the occasion.  

Friend’s Day Out: 

Time spent with friends is leisure and fun, however, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be comfortable yet stand out amongst them. It’s time to wear our attitude and enjoy it as well.  

Depending on the mood and the time you are meeting with your friends the following could be some good options. 

Be it this black embroidered cotton shirt, 

Naman Ahuja Black Giza Cotton Hand Embroidered Shirt 

Or this neon orange shirt cotton satin shirt with paisley digital prints. 

Siddhartha Bansal Men Purple & Neon Orange Cotton Satin Digital Printed Shirt 

You can choose as per your vibe and mood. 

If you want to go in for a svelte look then you could try this Lime Printed Cotton Shirt or, 

Philocaly Lime Cotton Printed Shirt 

opt for this White Jacquard Shirt with wooden buttons. 

Puneet Kapoor Label White Jacquard Linen Shirt 

Attending Weddings:

Weddings always are special whether it’s your own or within your circle of family and friends. If you wish to dress to look your best, these are some memorable times to be cherished for a lifetime. 

If you wish to keep it minimalistic you could opt for this black shirt in a poplin base with a shibori digital print from Rohit Bal’s collection. Somehow you can never go wrong with his collection, it always meets your needs. 

Rohit Bal Men Black Shibori Printed Shirt

Otherwise, if you plan to wear your Tuxedo then opt for these white beauties, you can never go wrong with white. Sven Suits has a great collection of White Tuxedo Shirts. 

Family Get-togethers’ 

Family time is precious, and you wish to enjoy every bit of it. Comfort is something you look forward to as you will be playing multiple roles, yet you want to keep it stylish. 

Wearing a comfortable white and black printed linen shirt would make a fitting choice. 

Pasqo Label White & Black Linen Printed Shirt 

Or this abstract printed multicolored cotton shirt will also look fine. 

Soniya G Men Multi-Colored Cotton Printed Shirt 

Casual Dinner at the Workplace 

A casual dinner time with colleagues is a time to network and build your connections. It could be a casual dinner at your workplace or a conference or even a client’s end depending on your job profile. Casual dinner signifies that it’s time to ease a bit and take things a bit lighter, however, the thought that it’s still a professional playground is not erased. Finding something that fits in the vibes could be a difficult choice. 

H2O Sky Blue Cotton Shirt 

Having a blue shirt in any men’s wardrobe is a must and they say you can never go wrong with it. Styling this sky-blue cotton shirt with a contrasting collar would make a great choice to suit the occasion. 

Or opting for a multi-colored cotton shirt in a cotton base with print would also be a good fit. 

Prima Czar Multi-Colored Cotton Printed Shirt 

Party Time 

Whether you are partying with your friends or family you want to keep it unique and comfortable. There is a huge variety of shirts available suiting different tastes and trust me you will be spoilt for choices on Pernia Pop Shop’s website.  

Wanting to keep it simple you could opt for this cotton shirt with handwoven polymer work. 

Amit Aggarwal Men Emerald Cotton Satin Hand Woven Shirt 

If you want to up the game, you could opt for this embroidered black cotton shirt. 

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna Black Cotton Embroidered Shirt 

For the cool lighthearted ones, this white shirt will totally fit your vibe. 

Sidharth K Kakkar White Soft Butter Crepe Printed Shirt

Throwing a party then this black shirt in Italian fabric base with handwork and print will totally suit you as the host. 

CP Singh Black Italian Fabric Printed Shirt 

Religious Functions 

If you aren’t in the mood to wear your traditional wear you could always choose a shirt which will fit the bill perfectly. 

You could keep it simple with this handloom cotton shirt which would be comfortable and suitable. 

Dhruv Vaish Cobblestone Handloom Cotton Shirt 

Or, if you are in the mood to wear something vibrant then you could opt for this emerald shirt, it will make a fine choice. 

Siddhartha Bansal Men Emerald Green Cotton Satin Digital Printed Shirt 

Being comfortable in your own skin is the foundation of choosing any outfit for anyone. Keeping in mind the routine dress codes and fashion dos and don’ts will always be your guidebook to choosing the right outfit. 

Tweaking your attire as per your mood or if you wish to experiment a bit always adds to your fashion adventures. However, pay attention to the fabric, the details of the design, the occasion, and the time, to make the right choice! 

Image: Brand & Pexels

Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.

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