Book Review: Lulu’s Favourite Colour – Sehal Kela

Genre: Children’s Book
Age group: 3 yrs+
Number of Pages: 32
Format: Hard Copy

Author: Sehal Kela
Illustrations By: Abhilasha Khatri

About the Book:

My little one has recently started reading books in her school and so I was looking for some books which will be helpful for her. Lulu’s favourite colour is a book that a child would relate to very easily because it’s about colours especially kids between the age group of 3-5. My little one is 4 and it was easy for her to pick the words and the illustrations kept her glued to the book.

It’s about a journey of a little girl who is discovering different colours and things associated with them. The illustrations support the storyline. A small child has high curiosity levels and their mind is opening up to new things this book completely depicts that, they don’t have definite choices it’s more situational. I as a mother relate to this book because I feel it echoes what my daughter goes through in her mind.

What I loved –

🌟 The book is suited for young children and my first-hand experience shows that the illustrations along with the storyline make it easy for them to understand.

🌟 I also felt it’s a great way of introducing new words and remembering them for our little ones.

🌟 The small activity at the end is a great way to connect with the essence of the book.

Personally, if your child is in the age group of 3-5 it’s a must-have book. You can read it to them and as they develop their reading skills this is a great way to begin!


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