6 Tips to Design an aesthetic Bedroom for your kids

Bedrooms are spaces that give us a sense of comfort, make us feel safe and protected and at ease the moment we step foot into it after a long day. And, the same holds for children; making a clean and well-designed bedroom is a necessity not just for adults but also for little kids. 

However, we understand that creating such a space for your little ones where they can play, relax and build their tiny personalities is no doubt a daunting and extremely challenging task for every parent. A bedroom is where they will spend most of their time for the next couple of years, where they will learn important skills and it will be a space that will become their little comfort zone and haven.

Here are 6 simple tips that you can use to make sure your tiny tot’s bedroom is functional, safe as well as aesthetic:

Keep it Simple

The first thing you need to keep in mind when buying elements for a kid’s bedroom is that less will always end up being more. Keeping the furniture simple and minimal will make the space look bigger, and decluttered at all times, give extra floor space to your child for activities and also make it easy for you to clean later. 

Make it engaging

If there is one thing that a kid’s bedroom design needs to be, it is engaging or playful. Make sure to add something that will allow your child to explore his creativity and ensure the all-round development of the brain. Our suggestion would be a musical instrument, a mental exercise set, or even a fun play area! 

Keep it colourful 

Neutral might be the new hot trend of recent times but, when designing a bedroom for your little tyke, make sure to steer clear of any dull colours. According to research, colours play an extremely important role in the cognitive development of their tiny brains and also help them acquire and practice various important mental skills. So, the key to nailing the perfect balance is to go for stimulative colour palettes with complementary and contrasting hues instead of the boring muted blues and pinks!

Add storage

Another major component of a kid’s bedroom design that most parents tend to get wrong is the sheer amount of storage that is needed, which is an understandable mistake seeing just how tiny infants are. However, it is best to keep in mind that they grow quite fast in the early months and years which will warrant frequent additions to the clothes as well as toy collections. Extra cabinets and shelves are the way to go! 

Include a work area

No matter how tiny your kid is, it is always a good idea to give them the means and space to study without disturbances and also explore their creative sides. Do not forgo the desk, chair, and workstation area when coming up with a bedroom design for your child! 

Add textures

Differentiating between various colours, textures and patterns is a good mental exercise that will assist your kid in developing skills that he will reap the benefits of later in life. Add a fluffy rug, a textured painting on the wall, or a bean bag, or go crazy with the bedding layers!

Image: Pixabay & Brand Website

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  1. quite relevant tips for decorating kids room. Surely they need a lot of storage space and having a dedicated work space should also be there considering school from home scenario and self study.

  2. Kids bedroom has a huge part to play in their personality. I would like to keep it bright, uncluttered, with multi-use minimalist furniture and mood lights. These are some nice tips to follow.

  3. These are really handy tips specially make it engaging. I will keep these in mind as I might need them soon. I always find minimalistic approach and your post reminds me of that.

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