Helping a Loved One Manage Diabetes 

With the possibility of travel opening once again, Mom and I planned a trip to Pune, thinking it would be a well-deserved break that we both needed. Anaaya’s vacation became an excuse, and we reached our destination safely.  

The weather was pleasant, and summer was setting in since it was the month of March. Everything was going fine and Mom was just planning to have some fruit for her mid-morning snack. She is very particular about her eating patterns especially after being diagnosed with diabetes a few years back. Suddenly, she felt a bit low and dizzy. I made her sit and gave her water. She said she thought she was having an episode of low glucose levels. I gave her fruit and after some time, she felt a bit better. However, she wasn’t in her usual spirits the entire day.   

We were travelling for just 2 days, so my mother did not carry her blood glucose monitor along. It was difficult for us at that moment to check her glucose levels. We were also having a little bit of outside food because of the travel. At home, the schedule is set up for both my parents keeping in mind their diabetes. Both avoid travel and going out much because of it. We all have been confined to our homes due to the pandemic and know we need a little of the outside world too. Keeping this in mind, I had taken my mother out but it did not turn out the way we intended to. For such times, I wished I had some device to monitor her glucose levels without any hassles. 

The constant pricking to keep a tab on her glucose levels irks my mother. Her fingertips pain and so sometimes she avoids it. I always had this in mind, but as a caregiver, I wasn’t aware of any other way to keep a check. I shared about the travel incident with my mother’s Diabetologist once we were back and he recommended a continuous blood glucose monitoring system which could address my challenges and help my mother as well. 

Without wasting any time, I brought the device – FreeStyle Libre

I have been using the device for the past few weeks and it’s been a fruitful journey. With every new device, we have so many questions and apprehensions in mind and I am no different. As a caregiver, you need to deal with your doubts plus your family members. Initially, there is a phase wherein the caregiver and the patient are getting used to the new instrument. But we took no time to understand how it worked. Today, I wished we were aware of this device earlier. I plan to buy this for my father and in-laws too. 

I wish to share my experience of using FreeStyle Libre with you all.  

What’s this device about? 

FreeStyle Libre helps to monitor glucose levels using a sensor and reader feature. It works on the principle of a flash glucose monitoring system. The Flash glucose monitoring system is tracking the current glucose levels by scanning the reader over the sensor. It avoids routine finger pricking. The device shows an 8-hour history with fluctuations in glucose levels. 

The device contains two components:  

FreeStyle Libre sensor: It’s a small, compact, disposable device which works for 14 days that is supposed to be worn on the back of the upper arm. It measures glucose levels in a continuous manner and stores the readings for a period of 8 hours. Upon scanning the reader over the sensor, the glucose data can be obtained from the sensor to the reader in a second.  

FreeStyle Libre reader: It’s a handheld reader that displays glucose readings and stores the glucose records for a period of 90 days. The reader also enables you to track the fluctuations in glucose levels. 

How to use the device? 

I would recommend following the instructions in the kit. It’s very easy to apply the sensor to the back of your upper arm. Then you simply scan to check the readings of glucose levels. 

Know more: 

How is Freestyle Libre different from other Blood Glucose Monitoring devices? 

  • The traditional methods of monitoring your blood glucose levels generally are fasting and post prandial which are measured at fixed time intervals. Plus, it involves pricking. 
  • When we use Freestyle Libre, the sensor is attached continuously to the patient so you can monitor the blood glucose levels at any given point in time. This helps in a continuous tracking of the glucose levels which will enable the caregiver to better management of diabetes. 
  • Since there is no pricking in Freestyle Libre it’s a pain-free method. The device stores information for the last 8 hours which no other device does currently that I am familiar with. 
  • As a caregiver, I can check the fluctuations and moderate food intake for the person living with diabetes accordingly. While travelling also there is no break-in monitoring of the glucose levels. I know if she is suffering from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia and help her accordingly. 

The device is safe to wear and very easy to manage. It has really helped me as a caregiver to help me monitor my mother’s glucose levels in a better way. I see a difference in her too, with no pricking and regular monitoring her overall health looks much better, she travels more now without any hassles, that’s a big relief. With the help of such devices, we can monitor glucose and manage diabetes effectively. 

If you are a caregiver to someone with diabetes, you should surely check this device. Know more about Continuous Glucose Monitoring.  

Buy Now: FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System (Reader & Sensor): Health & Personal Care.

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Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.


    1. Yes continuous blood glucose monitoring avoids the daily pricking and makes life more comfortable for the patient.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. Monitoring blood sugar levels is important and now has become painless as well. Good initiative.

  2. It’s comforting to know that the sensor can be securely attached. Freestyle libre is an outstanding product.

    1. Absolutely, continuous blood glucose monitoring system is really beneficial for Diabetes patients and painless.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. My mom is very afraid of getting herself pricked to check her sugar. I am asking her to read this article.

  4. No pricking method is going to be a big plus. Many people get nervous thinking about the pricking part. This device will be a life saver.

  5. Diabetes caregiving and mangement is really important. Periodic and regular monitoring is a very important aspect of this.Freestyle Libre seems to be a really convenient means to do this.

  6. Many times travel becomes an excuse to ignore health issues. My mom too abhorred the prick and put off checking glucose. FreeStyle Libre is a great product and will surely help keep better check on sugar levels.

  7. Good to know about this alternative that avoids routine finger pricking. An elderly in our home is diabetic , shall discuss this option with him.

  8. My mother is pre diabetic and her sugar levels keep fluctuating. Sometime they are above normal level and sometimes way below normal level. And FreeStyle Libre makes that monitoring really easy.

  9. Being a diabetic care taker one has to be more careful With products like libre the task of managing diabetes is easier and that too painless.

  10. FreeStyle Libre is the best way to manage diabetes. My mother and mother in law are using it and we are now quite relieved as we know the continuous monitoring helps keeping glucose levels in check.

  11. Atleast one person in a house have diabetes nowadays. They indeed require special care. Freestyle Libre looks like an amazing product. This will definitely help many.

    1. Most of the homes today have someone suffering from diabetes and we need a proper solution instead of pricking all the time. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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