Looking for a trendy yet comfortable pair of footwear? Try these footwears

With the routine life gearing back to pre-COVID times, we are hitting the road again, giving us good enough reason to dress up ourselves. Some are revamping their old wardrobes, while others are shopping to their heart’s content something we have missed in the last 2 yrs. We all are making up for the lost time by keeping an eagle’s eye on the latest fashion trends and doing our best.

When it comes to dressing, footwear plays a significant role in your overall look. It can either be a mood lifter, enhance your final avatar or play a spoiled sport. In today’s times, the adage that fashion is restricted to women no longer applies. Men are equally, sometimes more conscious about their ensemble than their female counterparts.

Whether you want to add some oomph factor with your Derby shoes or be casual in your sneakers, or maybe just keep it easy in your loafers. There are a plethora of options to choose from as per your need and style. The traditional chappal has undergone a revamp, and so have the never-ending mojari designs. You can also buy crocs for men, all-season comfortable wear. However, we need to keep up with the trends. Here are a few footwear alternatives based on current trends that provide maximum comfort.

Keep the Formal game on:

Whether you are going to a party or a wedding or routine office. Dress shoes are the way to go. Be it the classic yet classy Oxford shoes known for their closed lacing system. The sleeker the design, the more formal it looks with the most common colours being black or brown. There are variations available like cap-toe, buck, and wingtip. 

Else, you could opt for the Derby style that’s similar to an Oxford shoe with a more prominent lacing style and more colour options. You can use them for semi-formal occasions as well. These are less suited for a business suit; however, they make a desirable choice for business attire on a rainy day.

These are a must-have in your wardrobe.

All-Season Comfort wear – Crocs for Men:

Invented by two visionaries, crocs were originally designed to be boat shoes however, they became an instant success in the early 2000s and still are a preferred choice for many. Available in a variety of colours, the unique construct of these shoes ensures superior comfort and great durability.

Traditionally started as the clog shoe style, Crocs have evolved in the last few years and are now available even as slippers and sneakers.

  • Classic Clog Crocs: They are available as a single piece with large heavy under the sole, over foot coverage with large punch holes and a movable back strap. This pattern gives it a super comfortable and breathable style.
  • Crocs Slippers: Ideal for beachwear these are available in multiple patterns and are very sturdy.
  • Crocs Sneakers: Lightweight footwear for the fashion-conscious, this always remains in trend no matter which season.

Keep it cool with Sneakers:

Whether you are looking for footwear for your morning walk or casual friends’ outing, you need to keep a lot of space for this beauty. Being born in the world of athletics, this baby rules the scenes in modern times.

With an array of options available suitable for your requirements, I bet no one would have just a pair of these. They give the right support and comfort you require without bending any style rules.

Maintain the Balance with Loafers:

Looking for an option that harmonizes the option between formal and informal looks then this is your choice. These are perfect for people on the go, easy to slip on with some great designs to explore. With comfortable heels and soft leather, they really make long outdoors easy.

You will always need Slips-Ons & Chappals:

No matter which year or season, at least a pair of chappals in your wardrobe will never go waste. If nothing else is there, this will make up for the occasion. A quick run to the grocery store or puja at a friend’s place – is the first choice for many. So, this is not going away from the fashion scenes anytime soon.

Boots are also available in many forms however, it’s a choice of a few. Traditional mojari’s again form an integral part of specialized traditional functions, they are part of the trend but niche. 

From comfortable crocs to minimalistic sneakers, classic formals, or breezy loafers these are must-haves. Chappals as I said never go out of fashion.  

What’s your style? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Image: Pixabay & Brand website

Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.

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  1. wow your post has so many comfortable foot wear option and they are looking amazing. I liked sneakers most. I always prefer to wear comfortable footwear and focus more on comfort rather than style.

  2. I really love the designs of this collection of men’s wear. The crocs especially seem perfect for casual and beach wear. The formal shoes too look really elegant and comfortable.

  3. I love to wear shoes that keep my feet comfortable. Crocs are not something that has interested my husband or myself but my kids wear them a lot and say they are most comfy while getting out of the house.

  4. Looking at these options one can easily find the right pair of shoe for men. Their formal footware usage is higher than women, also we tend to change our footwear quickly as compared to men. This is a very informative post, Manisha.

    1. Yes men do have a higher usage of formal footwear, I am glad you found the post informative. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. These are so classy and trendy footwear. I especially love the formal ones as they go with everything and looks nice. I am sending this post to my guy friends so they can shop.

  6. I love new and comfortable footwear always, and my husband is also crazy for the same. I am going to share this with him to check the collection.

  7. Wow, your post has so many comfortable footwear options, and they look fantastic. Your article covers footwear for all generations.

  8. I think you gave covered all of them exhaustively, personally all three of us are crocs lover for years

  9. Thank you sharing about these men footwears. You have covered an entire range from casual to formals and that’s amazing. Comfortable footwear is very important. Would share this with others too. Great work.

  10. Love that this blog post is about men’s footwear. I bet there isn’t much reading material written about it as more and more men, especially the millennial ones, become conscious about how they look. Would surely use this blog post as a reference on how to dress-up the hubs more and give him wise suggestions. haha

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